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People relocate or shift homes for a number of reasons, be it due to work and job, better and easier transportation facilities, closer to your family and friend, close to various essential services such as hospitals, schools, market places and for a variety of other reasons. Many a times, people may even have to shift homes and move at a really short notice period, especially in times like these, it is next to impossible to relocate and shift your entire home to the new place all by yourself. It is especially for times like these and all other times when moving and relocating by yourself is too tiring, tedious, exhausting and difficult, that we have house shifting services in Hyderabad.

What kind of Home shifting services you need for complete household moving?

We are here for you to make your relocating, shifting and moving process way easier and quicker. We try our level best to ensure that this entire process which is otherwise too exhausting, long and tedious goes smoothly for you at a very fast pace without any delay of any sort. Be it furniture, kitchen appliances, electronic items, other cookware, glass items, all sorts of home furnishings and décor, we pack and move everything to ensure that there is not a single scratch, not a single dent, nick or damage to any of your goods. If the home relocation services in Hyderabad is required for a distance lesser than 30 km, the possibility of damage or breakage of goods is less likely to happen. Still, we pack them in such a way that absolutely no damage or breakage takes place.

Are you worrying about long distance moving ?

Then don’t worry for this long distance moving hassle as our home relocation service is available in Hyderabad to help you.

If the distance is long, we pack them using better and stronger material so that there is no damage or breakage over such a long distance. Longer distance obviously means a higher cost to move all your household goods. There are several other factors that decide the amount that you need to pay for packing and moving and for reliable home shifting services in Hyderabad. The distance that needs to be travelled, the number of goods and items that need to be packed and moved, the number of people that will be required depending on the workload, whether the floor from where you are moving and the floor level you are moving to is very high, whether the service of lift is there and at what time of the month you are using the services, whether it’s the weekends, month end, festive and holiday season, all these factors are considered when it comes to the cost of home moving in Hyderabad.

Here is the Charges table for moving in and outside Hyderabad

Items / Distance Upto 400KM 400-800Km 800-1200Km 1200-1600Km
Complete Home Shifting 12,500 - 22,100 13,500 - 25,200 14,500 - 26,300 15,500 - 30,400
1BHK House 8,500 - 15,100 10,000 - 20,300 11,000 - 22,300 12,500 - 22,300
2BHK House 10,540 - 18,400 12,000 - 25,200 14,000 - 24,100 15,000 - 28,300
3-4 BHK House 16,050 - 28,000 15,520 - 28,000 18,530 - 32,200 28,000 - 42,000
Complete Home + Vehicle 13,500 - 26,500 15,300 - 30,300 18,200 - 38,200 21,000 - 40,500

If you are going to move, shift or relocate soon then you have stumbled upon the right and the perfect and the very best of sites for yourself since customer satisfaction is our top priority and our main concern and also whatever you want in terms of packing and moving, you will get it with our company and our services. We will guarantee you the very best of services and will give you no chance of a complaint or regret. With us, you can now have your dream house relocation services, packing and moving within the minimum time possible and also with maximum satisfaction ever. We make relocating, shifting and moving a very easy task which is not tiring, long and tedious at all. With us, you no longer need to dread or be scared of shifting homes and going to a better place.

We provide the very best local home shifting in Hyderabad. Before you finalize with us, we will solve all your doubts and queries and ensure that you do not face any problems at all and can relocate to your new place easily and happily.

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