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Packers and Movers in Bangalore | Calculate Your Shifting Cost

This guide will help you to find out best packers and movers in Bangalore.
This guide is made to make you understand about:

  • Why do we need packers and movers for shifting?
  • Are they all trustworthy?
  • How to find trusted packers and movers in Bangalore?
  • What are the basic charges for house shifting from Bangalore?
  • What are some basic moving tips?
  • How to calculate your moving cost by yourself?
  • Let’s start each and every point in details.

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Best Hiring Guide for Packers and Movers in Bangalore

This guide is all about the Bangalore movers and packers. For Bangalore residents who are thinking to shift so, they can get these packers and movers. Before we start about packers and movers in Bangalore, you should know about the shifting, it’s process and types of shifting.

Bangalore is the capital of India's southern Karnataka state and a cosmopolitan area as people moves in and out of the city for new opportunities. Hence, the packing and moving to Bangalore on a boom. The competition has been increased and prices fluctuate based on whom you hire and where you are relocating. The cost depends on various factors such as where are you moving, the number of things that you have to move, and how much distance you are moving.

Well, many of the people are confused about the topic and the word packers and movers. So here, this article will solve your doubts and questions.

There are so many questions have been asked by many of the people like -

  • Who are packers and movers Bangalore?
  • What is the role of the packers and movers?
  • Are they safe?
  • Are they verified and professional?
  • Will they shift every type of things like households or office goods?
  • Can we shift our pets and plants with them?
  • Are they worth it or very expensive?
  • Checklists and guidebook for the users while moving
  • Moving tips during moving
  • House shifting charges in Bangalore

So here is all the answers step by step you will get while reading this article. This article will help you to get to know about best packers and movers in Bangalore very closely. Moreover, you will get a clear idea about theBangalore packers and movers.

So shifting or can say relocation(Moving) is a process where one or more than one person is leaving the present place and shifting or moving to a new place. In simple words, settling down to a new place.

Moreover, it is wise to know the few details before starting the process of moving from one location to another. Bangalore is a polluted city and the quality of air is very poor that contains a lot of dirt and dust that can enter into your belongings. Hence, you must ask the service provider which kind of packing material is been used by them to pack your goods. Also, a bubble wrap is important. Also, understand their insurance policy for damaged or broken goods. You must be also aware that at what time they will be coming, and how much time it will take to complete the entire process of packing and moving in Bangalore.

What is the role of packers and movers Bangalore?

The role of a packers and movers is very simple as they help the individual while shifting.They pack your every stuff, load your stuff with proper safety and they use good quality of the packages like bubble wrap, carton boxes, and the hard boxes to make secure the items from damages and move your goods to the required destination. Moreover, they unload your stuff and then unpack your materials in an organized way.

How to find best packers and movers in Bangalore?

Now the main questions arise, how to find the cheapest packers and movers Bangalore near me? Or How appoint them for our households shifting services in Bangalore?

So it's a simple yet not a confusing process. All you need to do follow the simple process and try to follow one by one and you will reach to top-rated and one of the best packers and movers in Bangalore near me.

  • First, check in to the website or you may search it on like online packers and movers in Bangalore.
  • Go to the search option wherever you need packers and movers from for example Bangalore.
  • Then fill the inquiry form like the place of packers and movers you are looking for, relocation date, shifting time, and everything.
  • Or you can contact on the given customer care number of the website.
  • Then the site will give you the top-rated and the best packers and movers list.
  • Get the free quotation from the companies and select the packers and movers whichever you feel like.
  • Now select one of the packers and movers whichever you feel like and get a confirmation from the packers and movers.
  • Now finalize the date for an inspection so that he can come and see the household items, quantity, location of the relocation, distance and the packages supplies.
  • Finalize the amount, but before that get some discounts or ask to low some amount.
  • Then make the final payment, before making any payments just make sure to check all the paper works and documents.
  • Enjoy your relocation with the best movers and packers in Bangalore.

Are our packers and movers in Bangalore safe for relocation?

So yes, they are safe. I know some of you are confused like how are they safe, how can they prove that they are safe. So here are some of the points which will make you believe that they are safe. You may check them by yourself as well on these given points.

  • Proper documents - Like insurance papers
  • Verified packers and movers
  • Reputed packers and movers
  • Moving reviews
  • Address of the movers and packers office
  • Legal documents
  • Registration Number or GST number
  • Certification of the company

So now one by one we can know about the following points which will help you to make you believe for packers and movers.

Proper Documents- So here proper documents means to check every document of packers and movers Bangalore before making the final payment or choosing them. Like documents, whether the company is verified or not, insurance policy, verified bank account or not.

Verified Packers and movers - Packers and movers verified stamp or the company stamp on the papers, check all the government stamps and signature to make the company verified.

Reputed packers and movers - Check the reputation of the company like how much the company has built its reputation within a year. It will help you to figure out the company more clearly.

Moving Reviews - Always try to read about the company’s reviews. This will help you to get a better idea about the company and its services and its qualities. Try to read from the multiple sites and it will give you an honest opinion about the movers and packers company in Bangalore.

Address of the movers and packers Office - Try to have a proper address of the movers and packers company and make sure that the company is legal and situated in the right place.

Legal Documents - Sometimes the companies try to play the game and provide you the illegal or false documents so try to check all the things before signing and check the stamps.

Registration Number - This is the registration number, which every company has and taken given by the government. Registration number plays a very important role to gain the trust and faith of the company.

Certification of the company - Every movers and packer has verified certification for shifting and moving so you can check the year of the certification with proper stamps and signature of the authorized person.

What are the types of relocation services in Bangalore ShiftinIndia provide?

There are four types of Shifting or relocation.

  • Local Shifting
  • Intercity/state shifting
  • Commercial shifting
  • International Shifting

One by one you will get to know about each shifting, what are they and what are the benefits of hiring packers and movers with these services.

  • Local shifting - Packers and Movers Bangalore local shifting includes within city relocation, as the name suggests means moving home, household items and so on. It means shifting from a local place in Bangalore to a nearby place or any other area in the same city. Local shifting in Bangalore includes all the household goods, which include a small piece of cloth to a heavy item like a fridge.
  • Intercity Shifting - Intercity is a word that means shifting from one city to another city, for example, packers and movers services Bangalore to Delhi. So it is expensive than a local shifting because of the distance traveled by a vehicle. So packers and movers pack every item and of course for shifting you need a lot of time, and there is a famous quote time is a money so while seeing this you can relate how much time you will save with the help of movers and packers in Bangalore.
  • Commercial shifting - Commercial shifting means shifting of an office, factoryand industry from one place to another. It shifts everything from a file to a printer to a table and chairs. Of course, commercial shifting is like a tough row to hoe. All the kinds of stuff like chairs, electronic gadgets are too expensive, so packers and movers make a promise to shift office goods securely with a guarantee with zero damages.
  • International Shifting - Well, international shifting is like shifting to another country. Well, some of the movers and packers do not provide the facility of international shifting from Bangalore but some do.
Now, talking about the locations there are two types of locations.
  • Local location - Local location means shifting within the city only. Our packers and movers provide every facility like supply packages and transportation with on-time delivery. Movers and packers in Bangalore for local shifting is good.
  • Interstate Relocation - Interstate relocation means shifting from one state to another or one city to another city. The packers and movers pack and take care of the transport mode. The mode of transport is done like air or road whatever it is suitable.

What are the services movers and packers Bangalore provide?

Will the movers and packers shift every type of thing like household and office?

Well, many of the clients or can say new users like confused between the shifting like movers and packers move only household goods or the commercial shifts also.

So here, you can check out our services, which we provide.
  • Household Goods Shifting–We provide all types of households shifting services in Bangalore. Household items like clothes, small boxes, hangers, cupboards, utensils, and all other items. We providecomplete house shifting services in Bangalore.
  • Furniture Shifting - They shift all the furniture items such as chairs, tables, table stand, Almirah, sofa sets and all that are related to furniture, so if you looking for only furniture shifting services in Bangalore, we are here to help you.
  • Office Goods Shifting - Office materials include everything from a small file and pen stand to heavy electronic items like system, monitor, keyboards, wifi system.Our servicesof packing and moving do not only reduce your burden of moving household goods but we also do office shifting services in Bangalore. Hence, the clients that are looking for office or corporate set up may vail our services.
  • Animals & Pet–With our pet relocation services in Bangalore, you can make your pets shift securely and safely.
  • Bike Transportation Service - The movers and packers in Bangalore also moves bikes and have the best and top-rated bike transporterswith themselves.
  • Car Transportation Services - We shift your car in a better and safe way. They pack your car in an organized way and then safely shift it to the car trailers and carriers as they have the best car transporters in Bangalore.
  • Antique Piece - We all know how antiques are precious to ourselves. Antiques have been taken special care so that they are in a safe and reach the destination with zero damages.
  • Transport corporation service- We are a global operator and we are equipped enough to move and take any products to any location in India. Just you need to find the Local Packers and Movers Bangalore Near me.
  • Loading and unloading- We also offer loading and unloading services for your belongings from one destination to another.
  • Warehouse- We also provide best distribution and warehouse network services. We manage integrated pool distribution, supply chain, transportation, warehousing and cross-docking services.

All Related Packers and Movers Services in Bangalore by ShiftinIndia

Are they worth it or very expensive?

As per the facilities provided every movers and packer in Bangalore are worth it. It all depends on the facilities they give you like packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. Price and charges of the shifting depend upon the distance, several items, location, floor, packages used.

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Recent Customer Feedback while moving in Bangalore

Average Ratings 4.6 out of 5☆☆☆☆☆ 200 Reviews.

I really appreciate ShiftinIndia’s partner company. They have very professional and soft spoken employee who did my shifting. Their behavior was awesome during packing and moving. Thanks guys for memorable shifting.

Subodh Malhotra,
Domlur Layout,Bangalore, 21 April 2020

I was so tension-ed at the time of shifting from my old destination to new destination because I have more precious items in my home so I was worried about their damage but I get my all stuff in same way as I hand over to the packers company. Thank you moving company.

Mohit Singh,Electronic City Phase 2,Bangalore, 20 April 2020

I thank to ShiftinIndia who provided me free 3 quotations from registered and reputed packers and movers company from Bangalore. I just chosen the best one which was suitable for me and hired them for my all relocations.

Rajnish Saini,
BTM Layout,Bangalore, 19 April 2020

At very short notice no one from packers and movers company shift households from one city to another and this is my experience but after getting ShiftinIndia company I am wrong. They connected me to best packers company from Bangalore and know costing and service. Thank you buddy.

Harish Singh, HSR Layout,Bangalore, 12 April 2020

Recent Bookings to relocate from Bangalore

From: Mumbai
To: Bangalore
Date: 26 feb 2020
Req.: Compete 2 BHK Household
Subham kr Singh
From: Bangalore
To: Lucknow-UP
Date: 27 Nov2019
Req.: Vehicle Moving
From: Bangalore
To: Bangalore
Date: 2020-02-19
Req.: Need to transfer a metal bed within city.

What are packers and movers Bangalore Cost/Charges affecting factors?

The pricing charged by Bangalore packers and movers differs on various factors such as residing, distance, number of items and floor. The prices offered are unique for both domestic and local relocation. We have enlisted all the factors that affect your relocation charges

  • Number of items- The size of the transport vehicle will depend on the quantity of items that you are moving. The more are the items for shifting, the bigger truck is required and higher are the prices that you have to pay.
  • Distance- It is the most important factor to decide relocation charges from one place to another. It is mostly evident that the longer the distance, higher is the consumption of the fuel and higher is the cost of moving.
  • Day of moving your goods- You are required to think twice about the day or month you are required to relocate. The weekends are the most expensive to shift your goods from place to another. Also, the month end is the hectic time. It is better to shift your goods in weekdays or middle of the month to save your money.
  • The residing floor- If you are living on the ground floor, then door to door shifting is quite easy. But if you are living on the first floor, then the company can charge you a bit higher on the effort and labour that is required to move the goods.
  • Availability of lift- If the lift is not available in your building and if you are required to shift on a higher floor, then the cost can be increased as the movers have to manage narrow staircases.
  • Quality of packing- The chances of damaging of goods are low when relocating your belongings within 30 km. Hence, the packing can be done for furniture, delicate goods, and large appliances. Also, the charges are different for packing material and labour.
  • Man power - The entire team of packers and movers Bangalore participate in the complete shifting process with each having a specific job. For local relocation, although the big team is not required and the quantity of workers varies on the size of house.
  • Transport Tax - GST and Toll tax also affect the moving cost. It will be added in the final price.

Packers and movers in Bangalore Charges: Within City

Goods Size Packing Charges Total Cost(Approx)
1 BHK 1,200 – 3,000 2,000 – 8,000
2 BHK 2,000 – 5,000 3,000 – 10,000
3/4 BHK 2,500 – 6,000 6,000 – 18,000
Complete Home + Vehicle 3,500 - 9,000 7,000 - 22,000

Now tell us your moving details

  1. Online: Get Cost Now
  2. Helpline Numbers: +91-9355438305
  3. WhatsApp Number: +91-9355438305
  4. Free quotes from top 3 Movers
  5. Compare rates & quality of services

Packers and movers Bangalore Charges/Rate list: Long Distance

Moving Size Local Shifting Cost Cross City ShiftingCharges
Complete Home Shifting 4,500 - 20,000 6,000 - 28,000
1 BHK House 2,500 - 12,000 4,000 - 21,000
2 BHK House 6,500 - 15,000 8,000 - 22,000
3/4 BHK House 10,000 - 28,500 12,000 - 38,000
Complete Home + Vehicle 9,500 - 26,000 10,000 - 39,000
Few office items shifting cost 3,000 – 13,000 6,000 – 20,000
Complete office shifting charges 4,000 – 22,000 8,500 – 30,000
Few home items shifting cost 2,000 –6,000 3,000 – 12,000

Article we include in different moving size category in Bangalore

Few Goods

Single or Double Bed, Fridge or Washing Machine, Few Kitchen Items, 2-4 Carton

1 BHK Households Items

1 Single or Double Bed, 1 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Computer, Kitchen Items, Small Dining, Some Cartoon

2 BHK Households Items

2 Single or Double Bed, 1 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Computer, Dining Table & Sofa, Study Table, Almirah, 1 AC or Cooler, Dressing table, Kitchen Items, and Some Cartoons

3 BHK Households Items

3 Single or Double Bed, 1 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Some Other Electronic Items, Dining Table with Sofa Set, Study or Computer Table, 2 Almirah, 2 AC or Cooler, Dressing table, Kitchen Items, and Some Cartoons

4 BHK Households Items

4 Single or Double Bed, 2 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Some Other Electronic Items, Dining Table with Sofa Set, Center Table, Study or Computer Table, Some Chairs, 2 Dressing Table, 3 Wardrobes, 3 AC, Kitchen Items, and Some Cartoons

Villa Households Items

Complete Households

Office Shifting Items

Complete Office Goods (According to workstations)

Packers and Movers Bangalore Price Chart For Intercity Shifitng

Non-local Move Cost of Shared Truck Complete Shifting Cost
Bangalore to Hyderabad (1BHK-2BHK) Rs 10000 - 15000 Rs 12000-25000
Bangalore to Pune (1BHK-2BHK) Rs 11000 - 16000 Rs 13000-29000
Bangalore to Chennai (1BHK-2BHK) Rs 12000 - 17000 Rs 12000-30000
Bangalore to Mumbai (1BHK-2BHK) Rs 12000 - 16000 Rs 14000-32000
Bangalore to Delhi (1BHK-2BHK) Rs 14000 - 23000 Rs 16000-38000

Note: Want to shift in Mumbai then ask packing and moving company in Mumbai for it.

Why you should hire packers and movers company in Bangalore from us?

Home shifting services in Bangalore follows the strategy of offering equal attention to every shipment whether it is big or small. Let us discuss some of the features of Packers movers Bangalore:

  • We ensure complete safety and timely deliveries of goods.
  • Our company in Bangalore follow measures to prevent pilferage by locking, sealing and manning of items regularly during transit.
  • The efficient and dedicated staff is always dedicated to offer customized services to the customers.
  • We offer the best quality services at best prices.
  • During every shipment, our company ensure that the goods are safely delivered to the desired location. Our representative continuously stay in touch with your consignment that is
  • Right from pick-up to the delivery of goods.
  • Also, we provide customized attention to every shipment.
  • Our team is trained enough to handle your queries and provide the best solution as soon as possible.
  • We also take adequate measures to ensure the flawless execution and safety of your shipment.

Find out which one of the movers and packers is better with the following points. This chart will make you have a clear chart of the better and to rated movers and packers in Bangalore.

Our moving company in Bangalore Others shifting company in Bangalore
Free quotation No free quotation
Budget Friendly No budget-friendly
Insurance with a guarantee on any damages No insurance with a guarantee on any damages
Professional and skilled movers and packers No professional and skilled movers and packers
Friendly behavior No friendly behavior
Good quality of packages No good-quality of packages
Delivers at the right time No Delivers at the right time
24 hours support No 24 hours support
Stress-free relocation Stressed relocation
Security and purity No security and purity
Premium quality packages No use of premium quality packages

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Why do you need to hire skilled and professional Bangalore packers and movers?

Now the questions come, why do you hire packers and movers who are skilled and professional or can say versatile in Bangalore.

  • You must go for the best packers and movers who are best and rated in the top list.
  • Best packers and movers give you the top class facilities like household moving, furniture shifting, car and bike transporters, pets and animals, and so on.
  • They give you the security of the goods that are moving with movers and packers.
  • They have the experience of years like in warehousing, logistics, and packing and moving.
  • Our movers and packers give the guarantee of the goods and can challenge you that you get wonderful service from their side.
  • They give every facility at the very cheapest rate.
  • They pack all the stuff in an organized way with good quality of sullies like good cartoon boxes, bubble wrap, hard plastic cardboardand adhesive tape.
  • They give assurance of the stuff to deliver to the location without any damages, and in case any damages happen due to accident so the company will repair it with insurance policy.

What are the benefits of hiring packer and mover in Bangalore?

Talking about the benefits or qualities, what makes them eligible for hiring?

Qualities play a very important role in maintaining the relationship between the movers and packers and the clients. So check out the qualities of the movers and packers Bangalore.

Customers and Movers company in Bangalore Realtime Conversations


Hello. Am i taking to ShiftinIndia Movers.


Yes! You are at movers.Tell me your requirement sir.


Sir i need to shift my office to Mumbai From Bangalore


Ok! We will help you to shift you office to Mumbai.When do you need our help?


Sir, i want to move on 17 june 2020.


Ok! Our movers will available on that date.


Sir, i want to know the complete cost office moving to Mumbai


Ok, the cost of office moving will be around Rs.10,000 to Rs. 35,000 in Mumbai. It may varies as per quantities also.


Ok! would you give me insurance for any damages?


yes! we will give you complete insurance coverage(term and condition applied as per requirement)


Ok! So i am finalizing the deal. Plz comes for inspection.


Ok! Our staff will visit your office within 2 days.


Well, while choosing anything people always count the advantages or benefits first. Because advantages are the factor that makes people choose movers and packers.

Hassle-free relocation - Moving is such a difficult task, movers and packers make the relocation stress-free and fun by making the difficult task easier.

Skilled and professional - Movers and packers in Bangalore are skilled and professional and they are quite experienced in the field and know how to pack the items safely and securely and while transporting they know how to pack the items in a cart and load them safely before they reach the destination.

Saves your time - It saves a lot of time. You can do your other work while packers and movers Bangalore will pack all your items safely.

With Insurance facility - Movers company in Bangalore also gives the insurance facility of the goods. So that the items are in the safe hands with zero damages.

Get a free quotation - Get a free quotation from top rated packers and movers Bangalore.

Trustworthy– Packers company in Bangalore are trustworthy as they are verified by the company and have all the proper documents, which include GST number, insurance policy, and some papers.

Reputed company - Due to the experience and the reputation of the company, the company sets the goals and has taken the heart of various clients.

Packers and Movers Bangalore Charges & Rates – Estimated Prices

Cost of Local Home Shifting according to Km

The cost of shifting charges by packers and movers in Bangalore for home shifting, whether intercity or local whole process depends upon moving distance especially.Apart from distance some other factors which really affect the moving cost and that is manpower requirement, quantities of goods.

Moving Size Charges up to 10 Km Charges for 11 to 30 Km Charges above 31 km
1 BHK House Rs 2,000 - 7,000 Rs 4,000 - 9,000 Rs 5,000 - 10,000
2 BHK House Rs 3,000 - 10,000 Rs 5,000 - 11,000 Rs 6,000 - 13,000
3 BHK House Rs 6,000 - 14,000 Rs 8,000 - 17,000 Rs 9,000 - 19,000
4 BHK House Rs 7,500 - 15,000 Rs 10,500 - 21,000 Rs 12,000 - 23,000

Given below are the steps to be followed for Bangalore office relocation:-

  1. Check for the lease
  2. Before leaving for a new office location check for your lease. It is advised to move when your lease is going to expire to avoid losses of your deposits.
  3. Transfer the information
  4. As soon as you decided to relocate your office destination, 1st inform the stake holder that you are about to leave. After that inform your team members. For this your communication skill must be appealing so that no one can oppose your decision or make question out of that. Also notify your IT department about the move so that they can tell us which technology is needed for the process.
  5. Get free quotations
  6. Next step after notifying the whole department is to get free quotation from the trusted platform so that chances of forgery becomes minimum or null. After clearing all your queries and proper inspection from the selected company, hire them.
  7. Check for the insurance
  8. Before signing the agreement check that company you are going to hire is taking the responsibility of protection of your goods during transportation or not. To avoid any loses during the journey checking for the insurance is must.
  9. Prepare for the move
  10. Get a detailed foot map of your move, that is which work is to be done 1st or which work should be done at last. Go for the external storage facility if needed. Decide the work staff that will assist with you. Pack your goods with materials of high quality.
  11. Transportation
  12. During the move keeps a separate budget for the refreshment of the staff members assisting you. Along with that always keep the emergency kit with kit ready.
  13. Settlement
  14. Mark the area of new location to clarify your staffs that which space is meant for which equipment. Set up all your devices (computer, laptops etc) update the company website with new location

Cost of Office Shifting Locally based on Km

Shifting office is totally different process than home. During office shifting we requires extra effort and care while packing each and every stuff because small mistake can cause big revenue loss. So while relocating office we should hire best professional packers and movers company.

Office Shifting TypesCharges up to 10 KmCharges for 11 to 30 KmCharges above 31 km
Micro Office Rs 12,000 - 18,000 Rs 14,000 - 22,000 Rs 16,000 - 25,000
Small OfficeRs 15,000 - 35,000Rs 22,000 - 40,000 Rs 21,000 - 45,000
MediumRs 45,000 - 70,000 Rs 52,000 - 80,000 Rs 22,000 - 45,000
Standard OfficeRs 65,000 - 1,20,000 Rs 70,000 - 1,40,000 Rs 90,000 - 1,60,000

Cost of Car and Bike Shifting

ShiftinIndia moving company in Bangalore are capable of shifting car and bike to the destination within the estimated time, cost and safely. We ensure proper and safe delivery of your cars and bike.

Vehicle Type Delhi/NCR Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Chennai
Car/Bike 5000 – 11000 4000 – 9000 4000 – 9000 4000 – 9000 3000 – 8000

Packers and Movers Bangalore Charges List per KM

Household Items Cost Up to 10 Km Cost for 11 to 30 Km Cost for above 31 km
1 BHK House Rs 3,000 - 7,000 Rs 4,000 - 8,000 Rs 5,000 - 9,000
2 BHK House Rs 4,000 - 10,000 Rs 5,000 - 10,000 Rs 6,000 - 12,000
3/4 BHK House Rs 6,000 - 16,000 Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 11,000 - 20,000

Online Packers and movers moving truck charges in Bangalore

VEHICLE TYPES WEIGHT CAPACITY(MAX) 0-5 km 6-20 km 21-50 km More than 50 Km
Three wheeler Tempo 759 359 25 20 15
TATA ACE 1099 599 44 28 22
Mahindra Pick up 1099 699 50 39 33
TATA 407 10'' 2000 935 50 39 33
Eicher 14'' 3500 1100 72 39 33
Eicher 17'' 5000 1650 83 55 39
Eicher 19'' 6099 2000 88 55 44
Ashok Leyland Truck 1000 600 49 39 22
Large Container Truck 32" 7500 5500 275 176 58
Large Container Truck 12500 10500 400 275 90

Note:-If want to shift from Bangalore to Mumbai the you can hire movers from Bangalore to Mumbai

Most Frequently asked question by customers while hiring movers in Bangalore

We are a well-known and reliable Packers and Movers to Bangalore. We have trained and reliable staff for unpacking, unloading, packing, loading and transporting goods.

You must contact the Packers Movers Bangalore at least 1 day before shifting of your goods from one place to another. Moreover, we use secure and safe packing material to ensure the safety of your belongings.

A pre-move survey will take around 2 to 4 hours as per the number and nature of items that are require to be shifted.

Don’t worry about this. Our employees will help you out in this matter.

You must insured your belongings even when they are packed professionally. The insurance will save you from any kind of monetary loss in case of destroyed or damaged goods.

The insurance on your items is based on the value as per your declaration. Our employees will help you to complete the whole process of insurance.

Its is quit quite easy to check packers and movers moving cost. just you visit our online cost calculator and get your moving charges immediately.

You are not required to worry for the shifting services. Although, you have to provide required documents for your belongings. You are advised to discuss in detail with our staff.

All the containers used by us are properly sealed and are water proof.

The amount of time required for loading and packing depends on the number of items being moved. Although it takes approximately 3 hours to load and pack things of one room.

The things that cannot be loaded are liquids, and inflammables.

After reaching the desired location, you can unpack bed or sofa as you must be quite tired or exhausted. Then you can unpack bathroom or kitchen items.

It is quite important to start planning for at least 6 or 10 days before the date of movement. Then you can decide whether you need big or small transportation truck and number of labours.

It is very important to get best quality packaging materials for damage free and secured goods. You can get packing paper, bubble wrap, strong and best quality boxes, packing tape and markers.

The relocation companies don’t provide these services. You can undertake these jobs by yourself or hire third party for unplugging wires and storing them in the proper manner.

Packers And Movers Bangalore-Checklist and tips for relocation

Now check out some of the checklists or moving tips that will help you or work as a guidebook for you while moving with packers and movers Bangalore.

Checklist Items Check
Documents verification
Moving File
Label your moving boxes
Search out for the new schools
Get rid of unwanted Items
Cancel the gas cylinder connection
Update your new address
Pack your essentials in your bag
Click pictures of the bags and stuff
Confirm the time of arrival
Label the number
Online tracking details
Close the tap and windows
Transit insurance papers

These following checklists for packers and movers in Bangalore will help you in every way, as it will save your save and give you an idea of how to pack the stuff and while unpacking you will be free to arrange every stuff.

  • Early Appointment - Get an appointment of packers and movers before 10-15 days - Try to get an appointment of the movers and the packers before 10-15 days for a hassle-free moving.
  • Get a fixed date and time - Get a fixed date of shifting so that you can be prepared early.
  • Get a diary and a pen - Take a diary and a pen and note down all the dates and time, make a note of everything that you want to carry.
  • Google drive - Keep a record of everything like papers, bills, documents into a google drive and keep them in the google drive for a safer side.
  • Sell unwanted items - Sell or throw the unwanted items so that you can have a space free for the wanted items.
  • Confirm all the things all the calls - Call the person that you are changing home-like milkman, security guards, banks.
  • First aid box - Don't forget to carry your medicine box.
  • Address update - Update your address from all the important places.
  • Book your tickets - Have early tickets so that you can get less price.

Moving tips that can make you are moving a better and fun moving. You don't feel like if you are moving, it won't a hectic moving if you follow these amazing moving tips.

  • Make your packing early - Try to pack your stuff a little early so that you can be called as a smart person.
  • Disconnect the supply - Disconnect all the supplies like water, electricity on a moving day so that you can have a less bill on the final receipt.
  • Label the boxes - Label each of the boxes with the names like household items. utensils, clothes so that at the time of unpacking it will make you save some time.
  • Update your address- update all your details like bank details, address of your residence, address of your kid's school.
  • Clear everything from the house - Make sure to clear everything from the house so that you won't miss anything.
  • Have a nice goodbye- Meets the neighbor's friends, invite them to your new house and have a happy moving.

Tips to relocate with efficiency and ease

  • Keep the phone in your hand and take the picture of the furniture. Also, click the pictures of electronic set ups before dismantling them. It is required to use it as a reference when you will be arranging the things at a new location.
  • Also, don’t overstuff the boxes. There is an increased risk of damage to your items as the boxes may get jostled or rip against one another.
  • If you are moving overseas, then select the company that has years of experience of relocation.

Mistakes to avoid while you are doing office or Household shifting services in Bangalore

Many people make many mistakes during house or office shifting from Bangalore. Hence, it is very essential to be aware of these problems while you are planning local shifting in Bangalore. Most of the issues are associated to not being organized at the time of relocation. And that is the time when we often complaint about shifting company in Bangalore.

Here we are discussing various factors that will explain some of the common mistakes that has to abe avoided during furniture shifting services in Bangalore.

Every time you think that have sufficient time- At the time of first relocation in your life, you think that there is adequate time to relocate. You are not aware that how the goods and car or Bike shifting services in Bangalore has to be organized and planned. The main thing is that when you are taking the bigger decision to hire Packers and Movers Bangalore Local Shifting, then you must be very smart. You have to decide the things in advance that is one or two months before the assigned date of relocation. You must take enough time to hire best packing and moving services in Bangalore.

Not taking references while hiring a moving company in Bangalore- It is very important that you must take references of large number of companies while making the final decision. In this way, the comparison can be done between different packers and movers rates in Bangalore. Therefore, you also get to know the genuine Packers and Movers Bangalore Cost/Charges.

Not asking questions to Packers in Bangalore- once you have hired loading and unloading services in Bangalore, it is essential to ask all the questions to international movers in Bangalore. You must be aware if the company is providing warehousing and storage services in Bangalore, Pet Relocation in Bangalore, Car Transportation in Bangalore and insurance services without any hidden charges. Before finalizing the car movers in Bangalore, you must prepare all these questions.

Not getting rid of unwanted goods before packing- The unwanted stuff create unnecessary trouble and mess. So, it is very important to get rid of unwanted stuff, as it will occupy extra space in the home and truck. If you will separate those stuff, then a lot of time, energy and money can be saved at the time of packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking. You might remember that there are many things that are lying unused in your garage and occupying extra space in your home. So, the smart step is to look at these items and keep aside the things that are not needed. This will save your lot of time and energy.

Not getting sufficient time to pack your stuff- We often have the habit of not planning anything. But you must take the packing very seriously. You must take extra time to make your delicate items to get packed with great care and caution. Hence, you must analyze and focus how much time it will take to pack all your goods.

Movers and packers in Bangalore take care of everything from the items, transportation, moving, packing supplies and it makes you have faith in them so that you can hire them and in future, you can refer this to your friends and relatives also. There are list of packers and movers in Bangalore but the movers and packers of our site make you feel like a home while shifting.


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