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Why should you hire Packers And Movers Bangalore?

Moving to new office or home is not an easy task. It comes with lots of stress that what and how to decide on relocating. You can hire luggage shifting services in Bangalore that is a really a lifesaver for many of us who are looking to efficient and quick moving services. Selecting the right packers in Bangalore is a real challenge.

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How ShiftinIndia Works During Shifting?

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  • ✔ Compare best packers by their review, cost & service
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Recent enquiries to shift the items

Gurdeep walia
From: Sector 120 noida
To: Sector 56 gurgaon
Date: 22 feb2019
Req.: 2double bed 1 fridge 1 washing machine 1 tv 2 tv trolly
Pradip Singh
From: LALGANJ, Raebareli
To: Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad
Date: 26 feb2019
Req.: Pets Moving
From: Moshi pune
To: Jalna
Date: 21-02-2019
Req.: Tata ace

Frequently asked questions

Questions:- Why should you select ShiftinIndia packers and movers in Bangalore?

Answer:-We are a well-known and reliable Packers and Movers to Bangalore. We have trained and reliable staff for unpacking, unloading, packing, loading and transporting goods.

Questions:- How much time before you must contact the packers and movers in Bangalore to shift items to the desired destination?

Answer:-You must contact the Packers Movers Bangalore at least 1 day before shifting of your goods from one place to another. Moreover, we use secure and safe packing material to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Questions:- How much time it will take for a pre-survey at my house?

Answer:-A pre-move survey will take around 2 to 4 hours as per the number and nature of items that are require to be shifted.

Questions:- How can I know what to take and what not to take with me? Don’t worry about this. Our employees will help you out in this matter.

Questions:- Why I need insurance if every item is packed professionally?

Answer:-You must insured your belongings even when they are packed professionally. The insurance will save you from any kind of monetary loss in case of destroyed or damaged goods.

Questions:- What is the insurance covered is based on?

Answer:-The insurance on your items is based on the value as per your declaration. Our employees will help you to complete the whole process of insurance.

Questions:-How do i check packers and movers Bangalore charges near me?

Answer:-Its is quit quite easy to check packers and movers moving cost. just you visit our online cost calculator and get your moving charges immediately.

Questions:- What are the responsibilities expected from me during the household shifting services in Bangalore?

Answer:-You are not required to worry for the shifting services. Although, you have to provide required documents for your belongings. You are advised to discuss in detail with our staff.

Questions:- What type of containers are used for transporting goods from one place to another?

Answer:-All the containers used by us are properly sealed and are water proof.

Questions:- In how much time loading and packing will take at my home?

Answer:-The amount of time required for loading and packing depends on the number of items being moved. Although it takes approximately 3 hours to load and pack things of one room.

Questions:- What can be loaded and moved in the vehicle?

Answer:-The things that cannot be loaded are liquids, and inflammables.

Questions:- What things to unpack after reaching to the desired location?

Answer:-After reaching the desired location, you can unpack bed or sofa as you must be quite tired or exhausted. Then you can unpack bathroom or kitchen items.

Questions:- How I can select movers and packers Bangalore for long distance movement of goods?

Answer:- It is quite important to start planning for at least 6 or 10 days before the date of movement. Then you can decide whether you need big or small transportation truck and number of labours.

Questions:- If I am planning to arrange the packaging materials then what are the things I can purchase for damage free shifting of goods?

Answer:- It is very important to get best quality packaging materials for damage free and secured goods. You can get packing paper, bubble wrap, strong and best quality boxes, packing tape and markers.

Questions:- Do movers and packers in Bangalore provide additional services like unplugging television, computer chords or wires?

Answer:- The relocation companies don’t provide these services. You can undertake these jobs by yourself or hire third party for unplugging wires and storing them in the proper manner.

Packers And Movers Bangalore Charges - Within or Outside Moving Cost

What are the factors for shifting charges?

The Charges of packers movers services in Bangalore will usually depend on the different type of factors. Numbers of items, locations, distance, security level, local shifting and state level moving are those factors, which effects on your budget.

Few Goods

Single or Double Bed, Fridge or Washing Machine, Few Kitchen Items, 2-4 Carton

1 BHK Households Items

1 Single or Double Bed, 1 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Computer, Kitchen Items, Small Dining, Some Cartoon

2 BHK Households Items

2 Single or Double Bed, 1 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Computer, Dining Table & Sofa, Study Table, Almirah, 1 AC or Cooler, Dressing table, Kitchen Items, and Some Cartoons

3 BHK Households Items

3 Single or Double Bed, 1 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Some Other Electronic Items, Dining Table with Sofa Set, Study or Computer Table, 2 Almirah, 2 AC or Cooler, Dressing table, Kitchen Items, and Some Cartoons

4 BHK Households Items

4 Single or Double Bed, 2 Fridge, 1 Washing Machine, TV & Some Other Electronic Items, Dining Table with Sofa Set, Center Table, Study or Computer Table, Some Chairs, 2 Dressing Table, 3 Wardrobes, 3 AC, Kitchen Items, and Some Cartoons

Villa Households Items

Complete Households

Office Shifting Items

Complete Office Goods (According to workstations)

Packers Movers Charges In Bangalore

Shifting Charges in Local Bangalore

  • Few Goods
    Shifting Cost
    4,999 - 6000
  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Cost
    5,299 – 10,299
  • 1 BHK House
    Moving Rates
    5,999 – 8,199
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    7,999 – 10,099
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    9,099 – 12,399
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    12,549 – 15,449
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    25,499 – 38,000
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    26,099 – 42,149
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    30,100 – 46,300

Bangalore to Delhi Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Cost
    14,999 - 29,999
  • 1BHK House
    Moving Cost
    13,999 – 23,199
  • 2BHK House
    Moving Cost
    15,900 – 27,499
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Moving Cost
    16,099 – 30,199
  • 3 BHK House
    Moving Cost
    20,549 – 33,449
  • 4BHK House
    Moving Cost
    25,299 – 39,999
  • Villa Goods
    Moving Cost
    26,099 – 42,149
  • Office Shifting
    Moving Cost
    30,599 – 50,300
  • Vehicle Moving
    Moving Cost
    9,999 - 12000

Bangalore to Pune Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    14,899 - 23,899
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    9,100 - 17,500
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    11,099 - 23,900
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    12,445- 22,800
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    16,999 - 25,099
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    17,700 - 31,999
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    24,400 - 37,000
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    15,999 - 29,000
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    4,999 - 7,999

Bangalore to Mumbai Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    13,999 - 24,099
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    11,000 - 21,999
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    12,449 - 24,999
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    14,000 - 24,099
  • 3 BHK Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    17,999 - 30,649
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    18,500 - 32,600
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    25,199- 39,099
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    14,999 - 29,999
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    5,000 -8,099

Bangalore to Hyderabad Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    12,999 - 25,099
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    10,099 - 22,999
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    12,649 - 23,699
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    14,999 - 23,399
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    16,999 - 29,649
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    18,700 - 31,500
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    26,199- 38,099
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    15,989 - 29,099
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    5,990 -8,799

Bangalore to Kolkata Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    14,999 - 27,099
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    12,099 - 24,999
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    15,649 - 25,699
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    17,999 - 27,399
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    19,999 - 30,649
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    21,700 - 31,500
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    27,199- 39,099
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    16,989 - 42,099
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    7,990 -10,799

Bangalore to Chandigarh Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    13,899 - 26,899
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    13,099 - 23,988
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    16,749 - 26,699
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    18,966 - 28,399
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    20,999 - 31,649
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    23,799 - 33,500
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    27,199- 39,099
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    16,989 - 42,099
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    8,990 -9,700

Bangalore to Ahmedabad Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    13,199 - 24,199
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    14,099 - 23,900
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    15,749 - 25,699
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    17,966 - 27,399
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    21,999 - 32,649
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    24,799 - 34,500
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    28,199- 38,099
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    16,889 - 42,899
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    7,990 -11,700

Bangalore to Chennai Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    10,199 - 20,199
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    8,900 - 13,900
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    13,000 - 20,099
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    17,966 - 27,399
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    21,990 - 30,099
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    23,799 - 35,500
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    28,199- 38,099
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    16,889 - 42,899
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    7,990 -11,700

Bangalore to Gurgaon Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    14,199 - 29,199
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    13,900 – 22,199
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    15,100 – 27,199
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    15,099 – 29,199
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    21,549 – 32,449
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    26,499 – 37,000
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    27,099 – 41,149
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    31,100 – 45,300
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    7,955 - 11,555

Bangalore to Noida Shifting Charges

  • Complete Household Goods
    Moving Rates
    14,099 - 29,099
  • 1 BHK House
    Shifting Charges
    13,900 – 22,099
  • 2 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    15,000 – 27,099
  • 2-3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    15,099 – 29,099
  • 3 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    20,549 – 32,449
  • 4 BHK House
    Shifting Cost
    26,499 – 36,000
  • Villa Goods
    Shifting Cost
    27,099 – 40,049
  • Office Shifting
    Shifting Cost
    30,100 – 45,300
  • Vehicle Moving
    Shifting Cost
    7,955 - 10,555

Movers and Packers-a destination to all your relocation needs

Are you looking for convenient moving partner in Bangalore?

Don’t get upset while moving to new place for new start, just because of packing and moving issues.

Get the best moving solution at your doorsteps in just a single click?

Are you looking for packers and movers in Bangalore for relocation?

It is very difficult to rely on the company for transporting your goods from one place to another. Hence, we are discussing the few things to know the procedure of movers and packers in Bangalore before finalizing them.

Bangalore is the capital of India's southern Karnataka state and a cosmopolitan area as people moves in and out of the city for new opportunities. Hence, the packing and moving to Bangalore on a boom. The competition has been increased and prices fluctuate based on whom you hire and where you are relocating. The cost depends on various factors such as where are you moving, the number of things that you have to move, and how much distance you are moving.

Before finalising any company, you must account and consolidate the things. You can go room to room and make a note of all the valuable and important things that you have. You must also take into account that which decorations, furniture, and other items can be kept or discarded. This method will help your Movers in Bangalore not to waste time try to packing these things. After this process is over, then the process of moving is less hectic. After you have finished sorting and accounting things, you can call packers and movers to pack and carry the whole process forward. This makes the house shifting services in Bangalore more easy and efficient. But remember the specific date on which the relocation is on your mind and let your company know about the same.

Moreover, it is wise to know the few details before starting the process of moving from one location to another. Bangalore is a polluted city and the quality of air is very poor that contains a lot of dirt and dust that can enter into your belongings. Hence, you must ask the service provider which kind of packing material is been used by them to pack your goods. Also, a bubble wrap is important. Also, understand their insurance policy for damaged or broken goods. You must be also aware that at what time they will be coming, and how much time it will take to complete the entire process of packing and moving.

Tips to relocate with efficiency and ease

  • Keep the phone in your hand and take the picture of the furniture. Also, click the pictures of electronic set ups before dismantling them. It is required to use it as a reference when you will be arranging the things at a new location.
  • Also, don’t overstuff the boxes. There is an increased risk of damage to your items as the boxes may get jostled or rip against one another.
  • If you are moving overseas, then select the company that has years of experience of relocation.

Packers and Movers Bangalore Cost/Charges affecting factors

The pricing charged by Bangalore packers and movers differs on various factors such as residing, distance, number of items and floor. The prices offered are unique for both domestic and local relocation. We have enlisted all the factors that affect your relocation charges

Distance wise moving charges in Bangalore:

Items / Distance Upto 400KM 400-800Km 800-1200Km 1200-1600Km
Complete Home Shifting 10,500 - 22,000 13,000 - 25,000 14,000 - 26,000 15,000 - 30,000
1BHK House 9,500 - 15,000 10,000 - 20,000 11,500 - 22,500 12,500 - 22,400
2BHK House 10,500 - 18,000 12,000 - 25,000 14,200 - 24,000 15,000 - 28,000
3-4 BHK House 16,200 - 28,500 15,000 - 28,000 18,500 - 32,000 28,000 - 42,000
Complete Home + Vehicle 13,550 - 26,000 15,200 - 30,000 18,000 - 38,000 20,000 - 42,000
  • Number of items- The size of the transport vehicle will depend on the quantity of items that you are moving. The more are the items for shifting, the bigger truck is required and higher are the prices that you have to pay.
  • Distance- It is the most important factor to decide relocation charges from one place to another. It is mostly evident that the longer the distance, higher is the consumption of the fuel and higher is the cost of moving.
  • Day of moving your goods- You are required to think twice about the day or month you are required to relocate. The weekends are the most expensive to shift your goods from place to another. Also, the month end is the hectic time. It is better to shift your goods in weekdays or middle of the month to save your money.
  • The residing floor- If you are living on the ground floor, then door to door shifting is quite easy. But if you are living on the first floor, then the company can charge you a bit higher on the effort and labour that is required to move the goods.
  • Availability of lift- If the lift is not available in your building and if you are required to shift on a higher floor, then the cost can be increased as the movers have to manage narrow staircases.
  • Quality of packing- The chances of damaging of goods are low when relocating your belongings within 30 km. Hence, the packing can be done for furniture, delicate goods, and large appliances. Also, the charges are different for packing material and labour.
  • Man power - The entire team of packers and movers Bangalore participate in the complete shifting process with each having a specific job. For local relocation, although the big team is not required and the quantity of workers varies on the size of house.
Why select packers and movers in Bangalore?

Home shifting services in Bangalore follows the strategy of offering equal attention to every shipment whether it is big or small. Let us discuss some of the features of Packers movers Bangalore:

  • We ensure complete safety and timely deliveries of goods.
  • Our company in Bangalore follow measures to prevent pilferage by locking, sealing and manning of items regularly during transit.
  • The efficient and dedicated staff is always dedicated to offer customized services to the customers.
  • We offer the best-quality services at best prices.
  • During every shipment, our company ensure that the goods are safely delivered to the desired location. Our representative continuously stay in touch with your consignment that is
  • Right from pick-up to the delivery of goods.
  • Also, we provide customised attention to every shipment.
  • Our team is trained enough to handle your queries and provide the best solution as soon as possible.
  • We also take adequate measures to ensure the flawless execution and safety of your shipment.

What packers and movers offer?

  • Household moving services- We offer appropriate and secure packing of goods. We take care of even the minutest detail of the household goods packing and moving. Our staff makes sure that the best quality of packing material must be used. They use high-quality wrapping papers, cartons and wooden boxes for ensuring the safety of the goods.
  • Car carrier service- We provide quick and protected car and bike shifting services in Bangalore. Our team has qualified and experienced drivers to move your bikes and car inside India. For ensuring safety, we make sure that we use licensed trailers that are specially produced for hassle-free movement of car and bike.
  • Office shifting from Bangalore- Our services of packing and moving do not only reduce your burden of moving household goods but we also do office shifting. Hence, the clients that are looking for office or corporate set up may vail our services.
  • Transport corporation service- We are a global operator and we are equipped enough to move and take any products to any location in India. Just you need to find the Local Packers and Movers Bangalore Near me.
  • Loading and unloading- We also offer loading and unloading services for your belongings from one destination to another.
  • Warehouse- We also provide best distribution and warehouse network services. We manage integrated pool distribution, supply chain, transportation, warehousing and cross docking services.
  • Transporters- We provide everything that is required for moving your goods from one location to another. We believe in providing 100 percent customer satisfaction
  • Local packing moving- We also offer local services to move your belongings. We help to pack, load, unpack, unload and move your furniture, delicate items and much more.
  • Insurance- Imagine that the vehicle is loaded with parcels and met with an accident leaving the things destroyed and damage. We provide insurance services for your goods.

Mistakes to avoid while you are doing office or Household shifting services in Bangalore

Many people make many mistakes during house or office shifting from Bangalore. Hence, it is very essential to be aware of these problems while you are planning local shifting in Bangalore. Most of the issues are associated to not being organized at the time of relocation. And that is the time when we often complaint about shifting company in Bangalore.

Here we are discussing various factors that will explain some of the common mistakes that has to abe avoided during furniture shifting services in Bangalore.

  • Every time you think that have sufficient time- At the time of first relocation in your life, you think that there is adequate time to relocate. You are not aware that how the goods and car or Bike shifting services in Bangalore has to be organized and planned. The main thing is that when you are taking the bigger decision to hire Packers and Movers Bangalore Local Shifting, then you must be very smart. You have to decide the things in advance that is one or two months before the assigned date of relocation. You must take enough time to hire best packing and moving services in Bangalore.
  • Not taking references while hiring a moving company in Bangalore- It is very important that you must take references of large number of companies while making the final decision. In this way, the comparison can be done between different packers and movers rates in Bangalore. Therefore, you also get to know the genuine Packers and Movers Bangalore Cost/Charges.
  • Not asking questions to Packers in Bangalore- once you have hired loading and unloading services in Bangalore, it is essential to ask all the questions to international movers in Bangalore. You must be aware if the company is providing warehousing and storage services in Bangalore, Pet Relocation in Bangalore, Car Transportation in Bangalore and insurance services without any hidden charges. Before finalizing the car movers in Bangalore, you must prepare all these questions.
  • Not getting rid of unwanted goods before packing- The unwanted stuff create unnecessary trouble and mess. So, it is very important to get rid of unwanted stuff, as it will occupy extra space in the home and truck. If you will separate those stuff, then a lot of time, energy and money can be saved at the time of packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking. You might remember that there are many things that are lying unused in your garage and occupying extra space in your home. So, the smart step is to look at these items and keep aside the things that are not needed. This will save your lot of time and energy.
  • Not getting sufficient time to pack your stuff- We often have the habit of not planning anything in advance. But you must take the packing very seriously. You must take extra time to make your delicate items to get packed with great care and caution. Hence, you must analyse and focus how much time it will take to pack all your goods.

Planning is the key to success. Hence, you must calculate the time that will be required for each step. You must make the list of all the items to be packed and discarded. So you can get packers and movers in Mumbai, also get professional movers in Gurgaon , relocation services etc with our well professional and certified moving company.

All other Packers and Movers in Bangalore area List

Aavalahalli Abbigere Adakamaranahalli Adugodi AECS Layout
Ajjagondahalli Akshayanagar Ambedkar Veedhi Amrutha Halli Anagalapura
Ananth Nagar Andrahalli Anekal Anjanapura Anjanapura Twp
Annapurneshwari Nagar Arasanakunte Arekere Ashirvad Colony Ashok Nagar
Attibele Attiguppe Attur Layout Ayyappa Nagar Azad Nagar
B Narayanapura Babusa Palya Bagalakunte Bagalur Road Bagaluru
Bagepalli Baiyyappanahalli Balagere Ballur Banashankari
Banashankari 3rd Stage Banashankari 5th Stage Banaswadi Bannerghatta Bapuji Nagar
Basapura Basavanagar Basavanagudi Basavanapura Basavanna Nagar
Basaveshwara Nagar Battarahalli Begur Belathur Belatur
Bellandur Bellary Road BEML Layout Bennigana Halli Benson Town
Bettahalasur Bhaktharahalli Bheemanakuppe Bhoganhalli Bhoopasandra
Bhovi Palya Bhuvaneshwari Nagar Bidadi Bidrahalli Bikasipura
Bikkanahalli Bilekahalli Bileshivale Billamaranahalli Binny Pete
Bommanahalli Bommasandra Bommenahalli Boyalahalli Brigade Road
Brookefield BTM Layout Budigere Budigere Cross Budigere Road
Budihal Byatarayanapura Bylkonehalli Byrathi Cambridge Layout
Carmelaram Carmelaram Road Chadalapura Chamarajpet Chamundi Nagar
Chandapura Chandapura Anekal Road Chandra Layout Chansandra Chelekare
Chickpet Chikbanavara Chikka Banaswadi Chikka Tirupathi Chikkaballapur
Chikkabasavanapura Chikkabellandur Chikkabettahalli Chikkabidarakallu Chikkagubbi Village
Chikkahullur Chikkajala Chikkakannalli Chikkalasandra Chikkanagamangala
Chikkanahalli Chikkasagarahalli Chikkathoguru Chikkavadagere Chinnapa Garden
Chinnapanna Halli Chintamani Chokkanahalli Cholanayakanahalli Choodasandra
Commercial Street Cooke Town Cottonpete Cox Town CQAL Layout
Craig Park Layout Cunningham Road CV Raman Nagar Dabaspete Dasanapura
Dasarahalli Hebbal Dayananda Nagar Defence Colony Bagalagunte Devanahalli Devanahalli Road
Devarachikkanahalli Devasthanagalu Devinagar Dodda Aalada Mara Dodda Banasvadi
Doddaballapur Doddabele Doddabommasandra Doddagubbi Doddajala
Doddakallasandra Doddakammanahalli Doddakannalli Doddathoguru Doddenahalli
Doddenakundi Dodderi Dodsworth Layout Dollars Colony Domlur
Dommasandra Donnenahalli Dooravani Nagar Ejipura Electronic City
Electronic City Phase I Electronic City Phase II Essel Gardens Frazer Town Ganapathihalli
Gandhi Nagar Ganga Nagar Garden Layout Garudachar Palya Garvebhavi Palya
Gattahalli Gauribidanur Girinagar GM Palya Gnana Bharathi
Gollahalli Gottigere Gubalala Guddahatti Guguttahalli
Gunjur Guttahalli Hagadur Main Road HAL Layout HAL Layout2
Hancharahalli Hanumantha Nagar Haragadde Haralur Road Harlur
Harohalli Haudin Road HBR Layout Hebbal Hebbal Kempapura
Hegde Nagar Hemmigepura Hennur Hesaraghatta HMT Layout
Hombegowda Nagar Hongasandra Hoodi Horamavu Horamavu Agara
Hosa Road Hosakerehalli Hosapalaya Hoskote Hosur Road
HRBR Layout HSR Layout HSR Layout Sector 1 HSR Layout Sector 2 HSR Layout Sector 3
HSR Layout Sector 4 HSR Layout Sector 5 HSR Layout Sector 6 HSR Layout Sector 7 Hulimavu
Hullahalli Hunasamaranahalli Huskur Huttanahalli Immadihalli
Indira Nagar Infantry Road International Airport Road ISRO Layout ITPL
Ittangur IVC Road Jagadish Nagar Jagajeevanram Nagar Jakkasandra
Jakkur Jakkuru Layout Jalahalli Cross Jalahalli East Jalahalli West
Jangamakote Jaya Chamarajendra Nagar Jayamahal Jayanagar Jeevanbheema Nagar
Jigani Jigini Anekal Road Jnana Ganga Nagar Jogapalya JP Nagar
JP Nagar Phase 1 JP Nagar Phase 2 JP Nagar Phase 3 JP Nagar Phase 4 JP Nagar Phase 5
JP Nagar Phase 6 JP Nagar Phase 7 JP Nagar Phase 8 JP Nagar Phase 9 Judicial Layout
Junnasandra K Channasandra K R Puram Kacharakanahalli Kadabagere
Kadarenahalli Kadubeesanahalli Kadugodi Kadugondanahalli Kadusonnappanahalli
Kaggadasapura Kaggalipura kaikondrahalli Kalasipalayam Kalena Agrahara
Kalkere Kalkunte Kallahalli Kallugopahalli Kallumantapa
Kalyan Nagar Kamaksipalya Kamala Nagar Kamanahalli Kambalipura
Kambipura Kammanahalli Kammasandra Kanaka Nagar Kanakapura
Kannamangala Kartik Nagar Karuna Nagar Kasavanahalli Kasturi Nagar
Kathriguppe Kattigenahalli Kaval Byrasandra Kempapura Kempegowda Nagar
Kengeri Kithiganur Kodathi Kodichikkanahalli Kodigehalli
Kodihalli Kodipalya Kodipur Kogilu Kolar Road
Kommaghatta Konadasapura Konanakunte Konena Agrahara Koppa
Koralur Koramangala Kothanoor Kothanur Koti Hosahalli
Kudlu Kudlu Gate Kuduragere Kumaraswamy Layout Kumbalgodu
Kundalahalli Kunigal Road Kurudusonnenahalli Kuthaganahalli Kyalasanahalli
Laggere Lake City Lakshmamma Layout Lakshmipura lal bagh
Langford Town Lavelle Road LB Shastri Nagar Lingadheeranahalli Lingarajapuram
Madanayakahalli Madhava Nagar Madiwala Magadi Road Mahadevapura
Mahalakshmi Layout Majestic Maligondanahalli Mallathahalli Malleshpalya
Malleshwaram Marathahalli Margondanahalli Mariyappana Palya Maruthi Nagar
Maruthi Nagar Mathikere Mavalli Mayaghanahalli Medihalli
Meenakunte MG Road Mico Layout Millers Road MS Palya
Muddenahalli Mullur Munireddy Layout Munireddypalya Munnekollal
Murugeshpalya Mysore Road Nagadevanahalli Naganathapura Nagarbhavi
Nagarbhavi Circle Nagasandra Nagavara Nagenahalli Nagondanahalli
Nallurhalli Nandi Hills Nandini Layout Narasapura Narayanapura
Nayanda Halli Neeladri Nagar Neelasandra Nehru Nagar Nelamangala
Nellukunte New BEL Road New Thippasandra Nobo Nagar NRI Layout
Off Hennur Road Off Sarjapur road OMBR Layout Padmanabha Nagar Pai Layout
Palace Road Panathur Panduranga Nagar Pattandur Agrahara Pattegarhpalya
Peddanapalya Peenya Prashanth Nagar Pulikeshi Nagar R.K. Hegde Nagar
Race Course Road Rachenahalli Ragavendra Nagar Raghavendra Colony Raghuvanahalli
Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Rajaji Nagar Rajanukunte Rajiv Gandhi Nagar Ramagondanahalli
Ramamurthy Nagar Ramohalli Rayasandra Residency Road Rest House Road
Richard's Park Richards Town Richmond Road Richmond Town RMV
RMV 2nd Stage RMV Extension Roopena Agrahara RT Nagar S.Medihalli
Sadahalli Sadashiva Nagar Sadduguntepalya Sahakara Nagar Sampangi Rama Nagar
Sampigehalli Sanjay Nagar Sankey Road Sarjapur Sathanur
Seegehalli Seenappa Layout Seshadripuram Shankarapura Shanthala Nagar
Shanthi Nagar Shanthi Pura Shettigere Shettihalli Shigehalli
Shivaji Nagar Siddapura Sidlaghatta Silk Board Silver Springs Layout
Singanahalli Singasandra SMV Layout Solur Somashetti Halli
Sompura Sonnenahalli Soukya Road Soundarya Layout Srinivasa Nagar
Srirampura St. Johns Road Subramanyanagar Subramanyapura Sudhama Nagar
Sulikere Sunkadakatte Suryanagar T Dasarahalli Talaghattapura
Tavarekere-BTM TC Palya Teacher's Colony Thammenahalli Thanisandra
Tharaballi Tharabanahalli Thindlu Thippasandra Thirumalashettyhally
Thubarahalli Thurahalli Tilak Nagar Tippenahalli Tumkur Road
Ullal Ulsoor Uttarahalli Vaderahalli Vagata
Valepura Varthur Vasanth Nagar Vasanthapura Veerannapalya
Vehloli Venkatagiri Kote Venkatapura Venkateshpuram Vibhutipura
Victoria Layout Vidyaranyapura Vignana Nagar Vijaya Bank Colony Vijayanagar
Vijaypura Vinayaka Layout Virupakshapura Vishweshwaraiah Layout Vittal Mallya Road
Vittal Nagar Viveka Nagar Weavers Colony Wheeler Road Whitefield
Williams Town Wilson Garden Wind Tunnel Road Yarandahalli Yekadantha Layout
Yelachena Halli Yelahanka Yelanahalli Yemalur Yerappanahalli

All Others Renowned Packers and Movers in Bangalore

  • Good Will Domestic Movers
    No. 9, 1st 'B' Main Road,Ground
    Floor, Wilson Garden,
    Bangalore - 560027
  • Greatway Packers & Movers
    No.39, 18th Cross, Rajeev
    Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore -
  • Lahari Packers & Movers
    No. 8, 10th Main Road, 4th Cross,
    Ganajyothi Nagar, Nagarabhavi,
    Bangalore - 560056
  • Freight Packers & Movers
    No. 32,2nd Cross,32nd Main JP
    nagar, 1st Phase, JP Nagar,
    Bangalore - 560078
  • Ameer packers and movers
    No.1, No 53/1, Hosur Main
    Road, Rooperna Agraharam, Bommanahalli,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • Grand Southern Packers
    Near Sriram Smruthi Apartment, Attipalli,
    Anekal, Bangalore
    - 562107
  • Leo Home Care Movers
    Munireddy Building ,No. 2214/40/1,
    Ground Floor, Kundalahalli,
    Bangalore -
  • Glovve Portal LLP
    No. 7, Maple Crest, Benson Road,
    Benson Town, Bangalore -
  • AB Reliance Packers
    No. 29, 1st Cross, Balappa Layout,
    Koramangala, Adugodi, Bangalore -
  • Shree Packers Bangalore
    No. 12, 4th Cross Street,
    Siddaiah Road, Sudhama Nagar,
    Bangalore - 560027
  • New Nice Movers
    No. 13, 1st Main Road, 1st B
    Cross Street, JP Nagar,
    Bangalore - 560076
  • Parcelwaala Express
    H.No. 1-11-111/6/A/1, Shyamlal
    Building, Begumpet, Hyderabad -
  • Sunray Packers & Movers
    No. 11/42, 8th Cross, 3rd Main,
    Shakambari Nagar, JP Nagar,
    Bangalore -560078
  • Silver Bird Movers
    No. 69/1, Sarakki Subbamma
    Circle, 1st Phase, JP Nagar,
    Bangalore - 560078
  • Ganesh Packers & Movers
    No. 1664/A, 1st Floor,
    Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore -
    560098 .
  • Leo Cargo Packers Movers
    7th Sector, Bommanahalli, HSR
    Layout, Bangalore - 560102
  • Neo Packers & Movers
    No. 700/66, RT Nagar, Bangalore
    - 560032
  • Sudharsan Packers & Movers
    No.31, Sri Ram Mansion, 6th
    Cross, Banashankari, Bangalore -
  • Worldone Mobility Logistics
    No. 86/96, First Floor, Surabhi,
    Kalkera Main Road, Ramamurthy
    Nagar, Bangalore - 560016
  • Swathi Relocation Movers
    No. 13/A, Ground Floor, manjunatha
    Layout, Bommanahalli, bangalore - 560076
  • Sumukh Packers & Movers
    No. 7/84, Anjana Nagar,
    Magadi Main Road, Sunkadakatte,
    Bangalore - 560091
  • Veer Cargo Movers
    Marganahalli Main Road, Ananthapura
    Circle, T.C. Palya, Krishnarajapura, Bangalore -
  • Senior India Movers
    No. 39, Krishna Layout, Mulinavu
    Village, Chandra Layout, Bangalore -
  • Galaxy Packers & Movers
    No. 18, 18th Main 7th Sector,
    Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, HSR Layout,
    Bangalore -560102
  • K9 Relocation & Storage
    No. 2012/1, 1st Floor, 80
    Feet Road, HBR Layout,
    Bangalore -
  • Pooja Logistics
    D-10, 1st Floor, Dduttl Kanteerva
    Studio, Yesvanthpur, Yeshwanthpur Industrial
    Area, Bangalore - 560022
  • Neela Packers & Movers
    No. 226, 1st Main, D Cross,
    Poojamma Temple Road,Yeshwanthpur,
    Bangalore - 560022
  • A One Packers & Movers
    No. 12, 1st Floor,
    Hosur Road, Madiwala,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • Agarwal Trans Movers
    Ground And 1st Floor,
    Shop No. C-109, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore -
  • Vijaya Packer & Movers
    No. 12, TCM Royan
    Road, Cottonpet, Bangalore -
  • South Leo Relocation
    No. 27, Dduttl Industrial,
    Suburb, 2nd Stage, Yeshwanthpur,
    Bangalore - 560022
  • Kaushik Cargo Movers
    Mukesh Complex ,No. 101,1st Floor
    , Madanayakanahalli, Nelamangala,
    Bangalore - 562162
  • Y k solutions
    No, 507, Saraswati Building,
    Virat Nagar, Begur Main Road,
    Bommanahalli, Bangalore - 560068
  • Aayush Packers & Movers
    No. 1, 3rd Main, 16th Cross, Aecs
    Layout, Kudlu Gate, Bangalore -
  • North South Movers
    House No 295, CK Nagar, Singasandra,
    Electronic City,
    Bommanahalli, Bangalore - 560100
  • Satish Sindhu
    No. 664, Veeranna layout, Yelahanka main
    Road, Dasarahalli, Bangalore -
  • M And M Packers And Movers
    No. 17/1, 1st Floor, 2nd Cross
    Street, Bommanahalli, Bangalore -
  • Amritha Enterprise
    No. 54 , Ground Floor, 14th Cross,
    Parappana Agrahara, Veerappa Layout,
    Electronic City, Bangalore - 560100
  • Life Packers & Movers
    No. 24/3, 2nd Main, Vittala Nagar,
    Chamrajpet, Bangalore -
  • Ganesh Packers & Movers
    No. 48, 6th Cross, 8th Main,
    Electronic City,Bangalore -
  • Agarwal perfect Packers
    Yeshwanthpur Bangalore, Indira
    Nagar, Bangalore - 560022
  • Aksaalliya Packers & Movers
    Mayans Compound, 1st Floor, 3rd
    Cross, Mallathahalli, Bangalore
    - 560056
  • Umesh Kumar Sah
    No D-15, 4th Cross, Dduttl Yeshwanthpur,
    Yeshwanthpur Industrial Area,
    Bangalore - 560022
  • Safe India Relocation
    No. 14, 33rd Cross,
    Marathahalli, Bangalore -
  • National Cargo Movers
    No. 08, Nanjunda Reddy Layout,
    Ambedkar Road, Babusapalya, Kalyan Nagar,
    Bangalore -
  • Box On Wheels
    No. 109, 21st Main, Marenahalli,
    2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore -
  • Ranuka Logistics
    No 68. 100 feet ring road
    hosakerehalli, Hosakerehalli, Bangalore -
  • Shifters
    No. 2, 8th Cross Street,
    Sadashiva Temple Road,
    Kammanahalli, Bangalore -
  • Nayak Packers & Movers
    No. 54,14th Cross, Veerappa,
    Agrahara, Electronic City,
    Bangalore - 560100
  • 99 Packers & Movers
    Vipul Plaza, 2nd Floor, Vipul
    Khand 3, Lucknow Road, Lucknow -
  • K enterprise
    2nd main 3rd stage
    banashankari, Basavanagudi,
    Bangalore - 560004
  • TT Transport
    No. 40, TT Complex,
    Sultanpalya Main Road, Hebbal
    , Bangalore - 560032
  • Mahashakti Roadlines Pvt. Ltd.
    No. 53, 2nd Cross, Kalasipalyam
    New Extension, Bangalore -
  • Asian Roadlines
    No. 7/11, Sharada Sthree Samaja
    Building, Albert Victor
    Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore - 560018
  • Suraj Roadways Corp.
    32/1, 3rd Cross, Sudam nagar,
    Wilson Garden, Bangalore -
  • J. K. Packers & Movers
    No. 18/1, 1st Floor, 25th A
    Cross, Sector 2, HSR Layout,
    Bangalore - 560102
  • .A3 Budget Packers & Movers
    254/7, 4th Main, 8th Cross,
    BTM Layout, Bangalore -
  • Om Packers & Movers
    No. 17/49, 9th Cross, 80 Feet Road,
    1st Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore -
  • Prestige Packers & Movers
    No. 2159, 16th Main, 60 Feet Road,
    A Block, AECS Layout, Electronic City,
    Bangalore -
  • Nova Packers & Movers
    8th B Main Road, HSR Layout,
    7th Sector,Koramangala,
    Bangalore -
  • Krishna International Movers
    8/2, Opp GKVK MAIN GATE,
    NEAR SHELL, Wilson Garden, Bangalore -
  • Central Cargo Movers
    No. A-40, 2nd Stage, Yeshwanthpur,
    Bangalore - 560022
  • Suraksha Packers & Movers
    No. 9, vijaya complex shivaganga
    mutt road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore -
  • VC Packers & Movers
    Shop No. 5, Seethapathi Agrahara,
    New Tharagupet, Bangalore - 560002
  • AP Packers & Movers
    Salarpuria Apartment, No. 15, 5th
    Cross, Bommanahalli, Bangalore -
  • Lead Packers & Movers
    No. 4/1, Hosur Main Road, Madiwala,
    Bangalore - 560078
  • Niteen Packers & Movers
    No. 18, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar,
    Bommanahalli, HSR Layout,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • Patel Roadways
    No.429, 5th Main1st Stage, West
    of Chord Road, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore -
  • Omx International Packers
    Office No. 1171, 5th Main,
    Sector 7, HSR Layout,
    Bangalore - 560102
  • 1st Shivam Cargo Movers
    No. 18, 1st Floor, HSR Layout,
    Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Bommanahalli,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • Syndicate Cargo Movers
    S.S.S. Building ,No. 9, 1st
    Floor, 1st Cross, Chamrajpet,
    Bangalore -
  • Super Star Packers
    121, DDUTTL ,No. 121,
    DDUTTL, Kanteerva Studio Main Road,
    Yeshwanthpur, Yeshwanthpur,
    Bangalore - 560022
  • Sai Krishna Packers & Movers
    No. 20, 2nd Cross, 9th B
    Main, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar,
    Bangalore - 560043
  • Royal King Fisher Movers
    No. 15, 1st Floor,
    9th Cross, H. Siddaiah Road,
    Wilson Garden, Bangalore -
  • Aryan International Packers
    Third Main D.D.U.T.T.L,
    Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur,
    Bangalore - 560022
  • H.R.S. Packers & Movers
    15th Cross, Jaya Nagar
    7th Block, Jayanagar,
    Bangalore - 560027
  • Globe Packers & Cargo Movers
    No. 1338, 14th Main,
    15th Cross, Bellandur,
    Bangalore - 560058
  • Sri Sai Ram Movers
    No. 9, 1st Cross, 1st Main Road,
    Maruthi Nagar, Bangalore
    - 560027
  • Chaya Packers & Movers
    No. 91/1, Shop No. 2,
    Daoulath Market, 2nd
    Cross, Bangalore,
    Bangalore - 560053
  • Air Cargo Movers
    Sector 7, Rajiv Gandhi,
    Bommanahalli, Bangalore
    - 560064
  • BSL Packers & Movers
    No. B-90, 3rd Cross,
    3rd Main, Yeshwanthpur
    Industrial Area, Bangalore
    - 560022
  • Indian Cargo Packers
    No. 16/16b, 1st Cross,Hosur
    Road, BTM Layout,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • Alfa Cargo Movers
    74, 1st Main, 3rd Cross, Rajiv
    Gandhi Nagar, HSR Layout,
    7th Sector, Bommanahalli,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • New Like Packers & Movers
    No. 10/A, Ashwath Narayan
    Layout, Puttenahalli,
    J.P. Nagar 7th Phase, JP
    Nagar, Bangalore -
  • Nationwide Relocation Movers
    No. B/42, 2nd Cross,
    DDUTTL Industrial Suburb,
    Yeswanthpur 2nd Stage,
    Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore -
  • Sri Hari Packers & Movers Maruti Building ,No. 45,
    Chickka Begur Gate, Electronic
    City, Bangalore -
  • RTS Packers & Movers
    Plot No. 1157,
    18th C Main, Rajaji Nagar,
    Bangalore -
  • Star Worldwide Movers
    Lakshmana Reddy Building , No. 31/3,
    Bandapur Cheemsandra Road, Mathikere,
    Bangalore -
  • Manju Packers & Movers
    Shop No. 19, 1st Cross
    Street, M.S. Ramaiah College
    Road, Mathikere, Bangalore -
  • Transferet Relocation Services
    Building No. 18, 2nd Floor, NCPR Industrial
    Area, 2nd Phase, Doddanekkundi,
    Bangalore - 560037
  • Allianz Packers and Movers Plot No. 54, 3rd Cross,
    Someshwara Nagar,Jaya
    Nagar 1st Block,
    Jayanagar, Bangalore -
  • Diamond National Packers
    No. 18, 18th Cross, HSR Layout,
    Sector 7, Bommanahalli, Bangalore -
  • SRY Packers & Movers
    No. 19, 1st Cross, 1st Main
    Road, Byrasandra, Bangalore
    - 560041
  • Pragathi Logistics
    No. 4, Ganesh Complex,
    Kammasandra Cross, Hosur Road,
    Electronic City, Bangalore -
  • Prestige Re-Location No. 359/A, 17th Main, Sector 3,
    HSR Layout, Bangalore -
  • Diamond National Movers
    Plot No. 18, 18th Cross, Sector 7,
    HSR Layout, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar,
    Bommanahalli, Bangalore
  • Excellent Movers
    Yogesh Nagar, 7th Cross, Hebbal
    Post, Kempapura, Bellandur, Bangalore -
  • Singhania Packers & Movers
    No. C-90, DDUTTL Industrial
    Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore -
  • Easy Solution Packers
    Ayyappa Building, Munnekolala,
    Marathahalli, Bangalore -
  • In Packers & Movers
    No. 4, 7th Main, N.S.
    Palya, BTM 2nd Stage, BTM
    Layout, Bangalore - 560076
  • Frontline Packers
    No. 20/2, 2nd Main Road, KPN
    G.P.O., Bangalore - 560002
  • New Priya International
    No. 54, Ayyappa Layout,HAT Arm
    Post, Dasarahalli, Bangalore -
  • Priti Cargo Movers
    Maruthi Building ,No. 45, Chikka
    Begur Gate , Begur, Bangalore -
  • Lion Ex Movers
    No. 56, Ground Floor, Road No. 18,
    HSR Layout, Sector 7, Bommanahalli,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • Sumukh Packers & Movers
    No. 7/84, Anjananagar, Muddinapalya
    Main Road, Sunkadakatte, Bangalore -
  • CH Packers & Movers
    No. 8, Vallabha Nagar, Doddakallasandra,
    7th Cross, Kanakapura Road, JP
    Nagar, Bangalore - 560062
  • Shainex Relocation
    No. 163/B, 2nd Floor,
    3rd Main, D.D.U.T.T.L.,
    Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore
    - 560022
  • V Locate Packers & Movers
    3rd Main, 18th Cross, Sector 7,
    HSR Layout, Bangalore -
  • Sunlite Domestic Movers
    No. 665, 2nd Floor, Munnekolala,
    Marathahalli, Bangalore -
  • Expert Packers & Movers
    No. 222/2, Eshwara Temple, Madiwala,
    Bangalore - 560068
  • Baba Packers & Movers
    No. 12, 2nd Floor, 4th Cross, PCP
    Bhavan, H. Siddaiah Road, Sudhama
    Nagar, Bangalore - 560027
  • Prakash Relocations No. 16, 8th Cross, 3rd Main,
    Indira Nagar, Bangalore -
  • The Global Needs
    Sri Laxmi Complex ,No. 29, Bannerghatta
    Main Road, Sakalavara, Bangalore -
  • Dinesh Packers & Movers
    No. 27, 1st Cross, DDUTTL Industria
    l Area, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore -
  • AP Packers Transport
    No. 4, 5th Main, KG Layout,
  • Excellent Packers & Movers
    No. 7/2, 1st Main, 1st Cross, 560027
  • Flexifoil Packaging
    No. 47/2, Chennigappa Industrial Estate,
    Sunkadakatte, Bangalore -
  • Hindustan Packers & Movers Plot No. 31/1, 1st Cross, Kalasipalyam
    New Extension, Bangalore -
  • A.M. Packers & Movers
    No. 11, Bommanahalli Chinnappa Circle,
    Bommanahalli, Bangalore - 560068
  • Sree Packers & Cargo
    283, 5th Cross, Garudacharpalya,
    Mahadevapura, Bangalore -

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