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Office Shifting Services In Bangalore to fulfill your relocation needs

Office Shifting Services in Bangalore for hassle free corporate relocation

Bangalore being a major metropolitan city has plenty of job and career opportunities and several people from all over the country move to Bangalore try to find a good and satisfying job opportunity. Due to a countless number of companies, offices, brands and corporates coming up, the need for office spaces is definitely on the rise. Many companies and organizations are also always on the look-out for bigger and wider office spaces since their company is expanding and growing their businesses. While it may be a slight bit difficult to find another space, a bigger one for expanding and improving your office, in the very crowded city of Bangalore, if and when you do find a place most suited for you, you will not have any challenges and issues when it comes to shifting and relocating your office with all the office items, furniture, electronics, appliances and all other commodities that complete and make an office.

An Estimated Charges for Shifting within Bangalore

Types of Shifting Approx Cost
Some Office Goods Relocation 5,500 - 9,000
Complete Office Shifting 5,500 - 18,200
1BHK House Shifting 2,200 - 8,000
2BHK House Relocation 3,500 - 12,000
2-3BHK House Moving 4,500 - 15,500
3BHK House Shifting 5,000 - 18,200
4BHK Household Relocation 7,200 - 20,200
5BHK House / Villa Relocation 9,500 - 25,000
Some Household Goods/Item Relocation 2,200 - 7,500
Complete Household Goods/Item Relocation 5,500 - 15,500

All you need to do is find a good place to relocate to and office relocation services in Bangalore will take care of the rest. Office shifting is actually more time-consuming, more stressful, and exhausting and more challenging as compared to home shifting. Why? Because an office space has several employees all of whom have their own set of goods and items. Since an office space is used by so many people, there are comparatively more furniture, more electronic goods, more glassware and delicate items, more furnishing and other goods and items that make an office complete and whole and helps to function it properly. An office space also has several stationery items, a lot of files and papers, electronic machines like fax machine, photocopy machine, printer and a lot of other office items. Now if your office has quite a lot of employees, it obviously means there will be a lot of items and goods and at the time of relocating, shifting and moving, it will literally be a nightmare.

Instead of you, the entire staff and all the employees panicking and getting stressed out as to how to proceed step by step and relocate to the new office with all the goods and items, you can simply make the entire process easy, fast, less stressful and exhausting by using our exceptional corporate shifting in Bangalore.

Our office shifting in Bangalore will be charged appropriately and the fees will depend on these crucial factors:

  • The number of items and things that need to be packed, loaded, transported, unloaded and unpacked. The more the number of objects and things, the higher will be costing.
  • The distance that needs to be covered to transport all the goods also holds a crucial part. More the distance that needs to be covered, more the consumption of fuel and hence more shall be the transportation charges. Also if there are a lot of things, 2-3 trips may be necessary in case all the things do not fit in one truck or tempo which too will increase the charges and cost.
  • The number of workers- the packers, movers, drivers and other laborers required to do the job as soon as possible also determine the charges and the total costing of professional office shifting in Bangalore. In case there are a lot of things that need to be moved, and you need the entire process to be done and finished with within a short time period, that too may hike the prices.
  • We provide office packers and movers in Bangalore within Bangalore, from Bangalore and also to Bangalore. Wherever your office maybe, we will make the entire relocating process so easy and quick that you’ll be settled in your new location of office within a few days.

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