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    Packers and Movers Mumbai to Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh

    If you desire to relocate from Mumbai to Ghaziabad then the “Secrets of Relocation” is available only with Packers and Movers from Mumbai to Ghaziabad. Go grab it!

    Before that from here you can know the rates for various relocation types:

    • Small Office goods shifting charges: Rs.45,300 - Rs.1,01,300*
    • Cost for transferring few items: Rs.5,000 - Rs.10,000*
    • Car transportation charges: Rs.11,100 – Rs.16,800*
    • Bike transportation prices: Rs.3,375 - Rs.5,075*

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    Packers and Movers Mumbai to Ghaziabad Charges for House Shifting

    Shifting Type Moving Duration Approx. Charges
    1 BHK 1 Day - 2 Days Rs.44,550 - 1,00,650
    2 BHK 1 Day - 3 Days Rs.52,650 - Rs.1,18,650
    3 BHK 2 Days - 4 Days Rs.60,650 - Rs.1,36,650

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Calculate Shifting Charges from Mumbai to Ghaziabad

Approximate distance from Mumbai to Ghaziabad is around 1,455 km; moving from such a distance with your prized possessions safely is not a fun chore!

So, you might have to know about the charges applicable in such type of services by movers:

Prices for relocating vehicle are around Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 12,000* from Mumbai to Ghaziabad.

Household goods shifting rates from Mumbai to Ghaziabad are around Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 60,000*.

Few household items relocation cost from Mumbai to Ghaziabad Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000* approx.

House Relocation from Mumbai to Ghaziabad Costs

Shifting Type 360 - 510 Km 600 - 1,000 Km Upto 1560 Km
1 BHK Rs.3,499 - 6,599 Rs.11,499 - 15,599 Rs.44,575 - 1,00,675
2 BHK Rs.11,499 - 13,599 Rs.16,499 - 20,599 Rs.52,675 - 1,18,675
3 BHK Rs.16,499 - 20,599 Rs.26,499 - 31,599 Rs.60,675 - 1,36,675
4 BHK/Villa Rs.26,499 - 31,599 Rs.41,499 - 51,599 Rs.78,975 - 1,77,575
Vehicle Transportation Rs.1,499 - 2,000 Rs.3,499 - 5,099 Rs.13,400 - 20,600

Calculate Your Moving Distance and Estimated Your Relocation Cost

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Some of the companies provide you the great qualities at such a low cost but why? Means so many advantages at such cheap rates?

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So, yes if some company will offer you ample of services at such a cheap price you should get a signal that there might be something that is not good.

Professional companies always give you the proper advantages with a few expensive prices because they use everything of great quality and also provide a lot of benefits.

But, the fraud movers and packers trapped you by showing you the cheap prices and at last, once you hire them you will get a shock!

So, try to always appoint the professional and well-skilled packers and movers to avoid any troubles in the future and get a hassle-free relocation.

Check out the services - Movers and Packers Mumbai to Ghaziabad!

1. They provide you with the premium and great quality of the packaging materials like hard boxes, bubble wrap, papers, and tapes and so on.

2. They also give you the freedom to give them suggestions.

3. The company provides you the insurance policy and make sure that in case of any damage happens while moving you can get the refund amount back.

4. Take charge of the items and handle each item with proper gentleness and take extra care of the fragile items.

5. It gives you the services of the following like household services, office shifting services, warehouse shifting services, intercity, and the local shifting services, and so on.

6. It also gives the car and bike shifting services; also have the proper tools to move like car carrier.

PRO-TIP: Further if any queries arises you can connect through PACKERS AND MOVERS MUMBAI TO GHAZIABAD CONTACT NUMBER + 91 9355438305.

Interstate Cheap Packers and Movers Mumbai to Ghaziabad charges

If you’re willing to shift household items, vehicle, or any other type of relocation from Mumbai to Ghaziabad Packers and Movers prices is around Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,000* approx.

Reliable Movers and Packers Mumbai to Ghaziabad rates

House Size Packing Charges* Moving Costs*
1 BHK items Rs.15,625 - 35,225 Rs.29,125 - 65,625
2 BHK items Rs.18,325 - 41,450 Rs.34,425 - 77,325
3 BHK items Rs.21,225 - 47,825 Rs.39,625 - 89,025
4 BHK or Villa Rs.27,625 - 62,025 Rs.51,525 - 1,15,725

Intercity house relocation Packers and Movers Mumbai to Ghaziabad cost

The home shifting cost from Mumbai to Ghaziabad is around Rs.3,000 to Rs.25,000*; house type, moving prices, packing cost, manpower rates, etc. determines the actual price of your household relocation.

House shifting Packers and Movers nearby Mumbai to Ghaziabad price list

BHK Type Size of Vehicle Approximate Costs*
1 BHK TATA ACE - 6ft Rs. 28,900 - Rs. 65,400
2 BHK TATA Ace - 8.5 ft Rs. 34,200 - Rs. 77,100
3 BHK TATA 407 - 14 ft Rs. 39,400 - Rs. 88,800
4 BHK Canter - 17 ft Rs. 51,300 - Rs. 1,15,500

Reliable Car transport from Mumbai to Ghaziabad cost

Price for relocating car is around Rs.6,000 to Rs.12,000* from Mumbai to Ghaziabad; this is calculated on the basis of the car type, packing prices, labour rates, carrier type, and your other moving needs.

Trusted car moving Packers and Movers Mumbai to Ghaziabad prices

Car Type Packing Cost* Transportation Rates*
Hatchback Rs.2,650 - 4,050 Rs.10,850 - 16,650
Sedan Rs.2,650 - 4,150 Rs.11,050 - 16,850
Compact SUV Rs.2,650 - 4,150 Rs.11,050 - 16,750
SUV Rs.3,350 - 5,150 Rs.13,650 - 20,750
Luxurious Rs.3,250 - 5,050 Rs.13,550 - 20,650

Two-wheeler Packers and Movers charges from Mumbai to Ghaziabad

Relocating from Mumbai to Ghaziabad evaluated on the basis of the transportation charges, distance, packing prices, two-wheeler type, and your own moving requirements; rates for shifting bike is around Rs.4,000 to Rs.7,000*.

Authentic Bike transportation from Mumbai to Ghaziabad cost

Bike Type Packing Charges* Transportation Costs*
Bike Upto 199cc Rs.1,625 - Rs.2,625 Rs.3,350 - Rs.5,050
Bike From 200-500cc Rs.2,025 - Rs.3,125 Rs.4,050 - Rs.6,150
Bike Above 500 cc Rs.2,125 - Rs.3,325 Rs.4,150 - Rs.6,350
Scooty Rs.1,525 - Rs.2,425 Rs.3,050 - Rs.4,650
Electric Scooty Rs.1,425 - Rs.2,225 Rs.2,950 - Rs.4,450

FAQ's for shifting from Mumbai to Ghaziabad

Answer:-You can relocate with the aid of Mumbai to Ghaziabad Movers and Packers reliably as the distance from Mumbai to Ghaziabad is around 1,455 km.

Answer:-It will charge around Rs.29,125 - 65,625* to shift home from Mumbai to Ghaziabad.

Answer:-You can transport your luggage with the help of Packers and Movers Mumbai to Ghaziabad.

Answer:-To ship a car from Mumbai to Ghaziabad; it will price around Rs.10,850 - 16,650*.

Answer:-It will cost around Rs. 465* to courier from Mumbai to Ghaziabad.

Answer:-The car transportation Mumbai to Ghaziabad cost is around Rs.11,100 – Rs.16,800*.

Answer:-The charges to shift 2 BHK from Mumbai to Ghaziabad are around Rs. 34,200 - Rs. 77,100*.

Answer:-The rates for house shifting of 3 BHK goods from Mumbai to Ghaziabad are around Rs. 39,400 - Rs. 88,800*.

Answer:-It cost around Rs.3,350 - Rs.5,050* to transport bike from Mumbai to Ghaziabad.

Answer:-Yes, they are experienced, professional, efficiency, and safety to do the packing process.

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