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All The Best Moving Checklist

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On the day of moving if a person wants to have a hassle free and stress free journey, then one definitely have to prepare the checklist so that things will not keep roaming in the head like put that object or not, have my phone charger or not etc. Preparation of checklist becomes compulsory when you don’t want any losses and rush during the journey. So checklist becomes very important now-a-days during moving and shifting. One of the crucial benefit of having the checklist is that you can keep yourself assured that you did all the things correctly and nothing is left to be done.

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Step1:- Keep paper and pen in your hand.

Step2:- Now remember the things you have to do.

Step3:- keep it noted in the sequence on the sheet you have.

Step4:- Now tick mark the things on the sheet you have done.

Step5:- Leave the things unmark which still left to be done.

What should be in the checklist

  1. List of essential items

1st count the items which you have to carry and put that aside and the item which are left out or which are not counted on essential list, get rid out of them by either throwing them or donating them.

  1. Things to be brought

Now memorise the things which you have to bring from the market. Also bring all the essential items in one go to save your energy and time.

  1. Hiring of movers and packers.

After fully making your mind and preparation for moving & shifting hire the movers and packers in Delhi after thorough inspection and investigation. Only sign the agreement when you are fully satisfied with the company.

  1. Assembling of items.

One to two days before moving assemble all your items which have to be shipped at one place so that you can get an idea of how much space is required in the carriage while moving.

  1. Categorisation of the goods.

Now categorise all the items like put furniture to one side, put electrical items to one side as different category of items require different kind of packing material and handling technique.

  1. Quality material.

Assure that material you are using for your packing is of high quality so that damaging of the goods and products are prevented.

  1. Packing

Now check all the materials should be packed accordingly as this activity is counted in one of the most critical and hectic activity. After packing of all goods is done properly 50% of stress of the individual is released.

  1. Keepphone and laptop charged

Always make sure that before moving keep your mobile phones and laptop charged along with that keep your charger by your side.

  1. Keep jewellery and document with yourself

Never put your jewellery, cash and personal document in the boxes. Always carry them with yourself so that it will remain safe by your side.

  • Keep water bottles with yourself

Before leaving keep yourself hydrated and have enough of water with yourself so that you will remain hydrated and active throughout the journey.


  • Loading

Now load the boxes one by one in the sequence of putting heavier one in the bottom of the carriage and lighter one above them so that damaging of the goods should be prevented.

  • Make your pet comfortable

Before moving, make sure your pet is fine and don’t face any discomfort during the journey.

  • Choose smooth pathway

Always go for smooth pathways which have less or no obstacles for the stress free journey.

  • Unloading

After packing and loading one of the stressful work to do is unloading as chances of damaging of material is high during this case. So make sure that goods should be unloaded carefully and sincererely without causing any damage.

  • Check power supply

Before entering the new place make sure it have continuous power supply. If not then call the technician to resolve the issue.

  • Check water supply

Check water supply too as life without water is not possible. All works need continuous water supply hence it is necessary to have proper water supply

  • Check gas supply

If there is any active gas connection in the past then reactivate it. Using gas connection will reduce the energy consumption as well as good for the environment.

  • Unpacking

Unpack and untie the materials slowly and calmly to prevent any breakage of fragile items.

  • Cleaning

After unpacking clean the place as no work is done   properly when the environment is dirty so it is essential that the surrounding must be cleaned. Also to support the swacha bharat mission.

  • . Rearranging

Now rearrange all your items in the places you wanted after cleaning the items properly and put the items carefully and slowly not in rush to complete the last work.

  1. Update your address

At last update your address wherever it is required so that you will not face any inconvenience in coming future.