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All you need to know about being productive

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Top 10 tips to know to being productive

  1. prioritize what you have to do
  2. Start your day early
  3. Tedious tasks will be done first
  4. Plan properly
  5. Do not multitask
  6. Stay away from social media
  7. Designate a place
  8. Get yourself ready to work
  9. Be brutal to yourself
  10. Practise self-improvement

Let’s face it. Working from home has been a huge difficulty for all of us. Sitting in our office desks has more impact on our minds to work than our beds or balcony. It has been a challenge because of the lockdown going on.You really have no options to change your area or to get a little change in the view. But looking at the masters of productivity, it seems as if being productive is a piece of cake for them. If you have watched them or know about such people you will have an answer to the question how they do it. But if you don’t, no need to worry, this post is for those who really need to step their game up or are facing difficulty to remain focused for long hours. These tips are all tried and tested by the professionals of productivity.

These tips will help you work in a normal office setting as well as at the home environment.

  1. prioritize what you have to do. Certainly, it is not possible for you to do 10 big tasks all in one day. People with extreme productivity have been doing this for years. Seeing 10 tasks to be dome before you will make you feel overwhelmed and you will procrastinate doing them Begin your day by planning or structuring your day ahead of you. Do not take it as if your all 10 tasks are priority to you. Keep it simple and minimal to 3 to 5 tasks a day by writing the 3 most crucial things at the top of your to do list This will help you to keep a track of the things and avoid any type of burnout.
  2. Start your day early. This way you will have more time for things to be done and you have more time to take breaks when you feel tired after a session. It has been proven scientifically that waking up early has a lot of health benefits and keeps your mental state in place.So, wake up early to begin the busy day you have before you.
  3. Tedious tasks will be done first. Trust me on this, you will have a lot of free time later in the day if you finish your most important and heavy amount of work the first thing when you wake up. If you have a job that requires you to think a lot like being a coder or a creativity requiring job, you should be doing this from now. The key here is that when you wake up early you have more clarity in mind and that helps you to generate good ideas. This helps you to not feel overwhelmed by the loads of work later in the day. People who are big successes have been seen following this by heart. You can end your day early as well.

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    1. Plan properly. If you are given 5 hours to cut a tree you should spend 4 hours sharpening the axe. This quote by Abraham Lincoln justifies it all. Plan your day ahead well in advance. This will help you too have a general idea of what the day ahead of you looks like. Use applications like todoist or have a physical planner.Entrepreneurs and bosses always have one with them you can use it to schedule any important deadlines or meeting if you have any. Basically, a proper plan or strategy is a must have before starting to work. Without a plan you feel like clueless cattle’s on the road. Not knowing where to go.
    2. Do not multitask. this is the thing that most of us do when in stress. Multitasking might seem Like an escape but in disguise is a bad idea to pursue. It’s better to have one thing done completely then to have all things done incomplete. Instead go for one task at a time and try finishing it completely.
    3. Stay away from social media. Seriously you will find yourself watching an unnecessary upload or a cute cat video after an hour or more. An addition would be to this thing, fix a time in your daily schedule for doing non productivity things like going through messages or checking emails. Neil Patel who is known in the world of YouTube and blogging well enough says to check emails in the latter half of the day. This will give you less anxiety to re-read them afterwards.
    4. Designate a place. It is very easy for you to get distracted when working in a home environment. Sitting on bed will eventually make you fall asleep and you won’t be able to work. Rather have a place that is only designated for working, that can be a desk free of any distracting elements. It will be a better place if that has some windows for ventilation and some proper lighting. Make sure to keep the place clean and organised the mess a little before starting to work.
    5. Get yourself ready to work. Sleeping clothes or pyjamas are something that all of us must be wearing most of the time working from home and that is another major reason you don’t want to focus on your work or studying for longer time periods. Wear clothes that you would normally do on work day and avoid working or studying in any comforting area or close to them such as couch or bean bag.
    6. Be brutal to yourself. This one is more of a habit to cultivate over time than a tip. You should take this as an advice that will help you stay on top of deadlines. Tell yourself that you have to finish the work in the to do list. To help you do this reward yourself when you complete the most crucial task or the tedious one. You could take a break or have a nap whatever you feel like.

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  1. Practise self-improvement. This productivity race is more achievable to those who have the will to do so. Along with that you need to be patient as being productive is a bit of a task and need practice, and discipline.

To do so you could take help of some books that focus on such a genre or podcasts are another easy way to add some values in you day. Many of the leading personalities have this character in common and that is consistency and self-discipline.