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Get an idea on How to pack the 1BHK in a day!

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I know because of the hectic life and busy schedule most people don’t get time to pack properly and take care of the process of the packing. So here this article is just gold for you, this article will guide you to know how to pack the 1 BHK in a day, all you need to know two things and have to keep this thing in your mind through the day of packing. That is – you have to keep your mind cool and second thing planning, all the efforts will be useful unless and until you will have a planned effort and a cool mind.

So in this article, you will get all the ideas and tips related to how to pack your items and belongings in a day before moving. Many people are in a myth that in a day it is just impossible to pack all the items, but if you are in a cool state of mind and you have a planned strategy then trust me you can easily do everything in a day without any stress.

First thing you have to keep ready things that will help you in a moving day that is –

    • Bubble wrap
  • Packing Tape
  • Old newspapers
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Markers
  • Packing Paper

These important things will help you on a moving day. This stuff will make moving easy and stress-free. It will also minimize the damages of the items while transiting. So if you have decided to appoint for the packers and movers Delhi then the packers and movers itself will provide you the following things and if you want to do everything of your own then you have to arrange the above materials on your own.

So for the packing thing in a day you have to first arrange all the materials and then check out the below points to do-

1) Deal with each room individually

So the first thing you have to keep in mind that you have to start with each room separately, it’s not like you will run into each room and collect every room stuff like from cupboards, cabinets, hall, wardrobes and so on. So start with each room, and then move to the next room, this will not make you confuse and you can pack your stuff easily.

This will not only save your energy but it will also save your time at the same moment. It will also reduce the chances of tiredness as you are going to do a single room one by one.

Get rid of the mess before the relocation by following the 5 tips!

Make a separate box for each category like a box of utensils, a box of clothes, a box of accessories, a box of other items, a box of documents and then go to each room and take the packing supplies and get ready to pack all the items according to the boxes. Remember with the help of bubble wrap pack all the fragile items in a separate box. Cover the cartoon or a box with the newspapers or cover to make it safe from dust. Note to label the boxes or else you will get confused while unpacking. Like for an example, like books with the label name book, utensils with a name like utensils and decor things with the name decor and clothes with a label name clothes.

2) Donate unwanted things

It is advised to pack everything and have a home checklist like around 2 weeks so that it can help you to divide the task and will help you to pack every stuff easily. Planning will help you to eliminate the junk items from your house, as it will be helpful so that you can throw them or donate some needy and it will reduce your time while packing. But make sure of the items that are not in use and you want to donate to some needy and it can save your space, energy and time.

Do not pack the unwanted things in a hurry until you have packed all the stuff that is wanted and in use.
Now you are done with the packing of all the stuff then take a look into the unwanted things for packing.
You can also take help from your family members and others for help. So for an example if you are not using anything for months and if something is unwanted o broke or you are trying to get its fixed but not able to fix it properly, or any objects that are broken but you have just kept it for the memory then it is better to just dump the object, it will make you feel lighter and it will also reduce the junk materials going to your new house.

3) Label each box carefully!

We all know while relocation labeling the boxes and cartoons is a must thing because at the time of unpacking it can save your time and the packing will be in an organized way. Whether you are planning to hire a packing and the moving company or you have chosen to handle the packing thing on your own, labeling is a must task. With the help of a bold dark color marker like black or royal blue color write down the content on each box-like utensils box with the name utensil, clothes box, furniture, documents and so on.
You can also do this for the fragile items you can make a note like open first, fragile items, important items and so on. Try to write on all the 4 sides of the boxes. So that you can find easily the name of the boxes while loading and unpacking.

If the printing machine is available in your then with the help of that you can also print the labels also or else write it down with the markers. As it will help you to save you time and energy as with the marker you have to write down in all the other 4 sides. Make the content of all the list on your laptop and save your time and energy. remember always a smart work pays off.

4) Arrange a kit for your family members for at least 24 hours

We all know no matter how well you arrange everything, like in an organized way but sometimes it becomes hectic and stressful while moving or relocation. So it is advised to take care of everything like you can arrange a daily basis kit where you can find daily essentials in that particular kit like brush, Colgate, shower gel, first aid box, bathing soap, comb, makeup essentials and so on. It is difficult to settle easily in the new place and the new surroundings so better to arrange a kit in an advance. So this idea or can say the tip is one of the most useful tips while relocating to any place or any other city.

The first thing all you need to know that making a list of all the daily essentials items that you need to carry with yourself or you think is important to you and your family daily. Better to involve your family members also as it can help you to save some of your time and energy and you can have a look at other items as well.

Best tips to follow after you move to a new home!

In case you are not familiar with your new place better to take an idea about the near market place, neighborhood, grocery stores, street foods, and so on. You can take the help of Google or your landlord. So that in case you miss something you can immediately purchase from the nearby stores in an emergency. Remember have patience and stay calm during packing and moving. In case you are tired then take a gap after an hour of packing, stay hydrated and eat green leafy and fresh fruits.

Make you’re moving extraordinary and exciting with the tips and ideas. Do not panic and take stress or else it will spoil your moving day. Make it a memorable one with the ideas and tips shared in this article. I hope this article is going to help you while moving like how to pack in a day while moving. I know it’s a hectic task but trust me with calmness and an open mind you can achieve everything whether it’s a packing or education or professional thing.