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Know how to compare the services of the movers and packers!

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We know in today’s life market and the company is flooded with all types of services. If we talk about a simple item like a showpiece, or food items, or shopping complex or schools and colleges or packers and movers. Competition is very high and you need to be careful while selecting the right product and services. Companies are offering their clients like anything but all you need to be very careful while choosing the right products.

There is one quote that is a rotten apple spoils the whole tree, similarly, you cannot just judge the whole company with a single bad review or disqualify, you need to have every knowledge about the company before any commitment.

But everything is on one side and when it comes to the movers and packers you need to take extra care as you need to have some have standard criteria and need to compare all the moving companies.

But the question here is how to compare the moving company? I know it’s not that easy to compare the moving company, it takes a lot of hard work and patience, because choosing a wrong moving company will be hard for you, even more, it may happen that you won’t be able to see your stuff like a month so better to pay some time to choose the right moving company.

Remember: So here this article will help you to choose the right movers and packers company that will help you to get on the right track.

1) First thing just compare the reviews of the different companies 

There are a lot of movers and packers companies in today’s market and you need to be extra careful while choosing the right movers and packers. So the first thing that is the review part will help you to get the right movers and packers. The good reviews and the honest reviews will get you to be on the right track of selecting the right movers and packers.

You need to check the best reviews of the various movers and packers and then you can get an idea that which packers and movers are the best for you. Because the audience is the only one that will help you to get genuine movers and packers. For a safe moving try to go for a professional movers and packers company.

2) Compare the price of the Movers and Packers

Packers and movers Charges/Rate list: Long Distance

Shifting Size Local Shifting Cost Cross City ShiftingCharges
Complete Home Shifting 4,500 – 19,000 6,000 – 38,000
1 BHK House 2,500 – 12,000 4,000 – 16,000
2 BHK House 6,500 – 15,000 8,000 – 18,000
3/4 BHK House 10,000 – 28,500 12,000 – 32,000
Complete Home + Vehicle 9,500 – 26,000 10,000 – 35,000
Few office items shifting cost 3,000 – 13,000 6,000 – 17,000
Complete office shifting charges 4,000 – 20,000 8,500 – 31,000
Few home items shifting cost 2,000 –6,000 3,000 – 12,000

Now you are done with the reviews part, come to the next point that is price or cost. Compare the price and the cost of the other companies. In this way it will save your time and energy both, the first point will help you to evaluate the best company which is reputed and safe. So that you can compare the price of the best and reputed company of movers and packers Pune.

To know the price of the company, you need to go online movers company and ask them about the moving cost for everything like household shifting, 1 BHK or office or whatever you are searching for. Or you can take the references of the customers who have moved to the same city where you are planning to move through the reviews part and in that way you can also get the price idea and you can compare it easily with other movers and packers companies.

3) Check the company verified stamp

Always be active and try to check the company details of the movers and packers. Like are they verified or not? Are they safe? Are they having the company stamp or not? Anyone can make the papers but the stamp is not easy to copy or to get. So try to check the stamp before finalizing them.

4) Check the correct documents 

Try to hire the licensed packers and movers, I will not say that do not trust other references but it’s your duty first to check out whether the packers and movers are licensed properly by the government. There are hundreds of movers and packers companies and all of them are not at all trustworthy. So in case of any problem, if the company will be licensed you can complain and track the company at the same time without getting any trouble.

So before hiring the packers and movers, you need to check all the legal documents of the company given by the central government. Like

  • Pan card number in the name of the company 
  • The license of the shop and establishment 
  • Service tax registration number 
  • Stamp of the central government or state government 
  • Terms and conditions 

Do read all the terms and conditions related to the relocation process properly before hiring them. Then after that take your final decision.

5) Do not pay the full amount in advance 

Most of the fraud company takes the full amount in advance, you have to be very sure of that. You don’t need to pay the full amount in advance. Pay half before and a half after delivering the products. The fraud companies will convince you like anything to give the full amount in advance, and if they will force you a lot then you should be aware of that, something is wrong.

I suggest you pay the amount after the safe delivery of the products but usually some companies have certain norms like 60-40 or 50-50. It means half of the payment at the time of loading and the rest amount after the delivery. Generally, in case of the payment, it is quite flexible but it depends upon the company and you how you guys negotiate.

But whatever the norms may remember do not pay the full amount in advance, always do the half payment at the time of loading or packing and a half at the time of delivery.

It shouldn’t be paid at the time of the survey or earlier.

It also happens that movers and packers company take the amount in advance and never did the packing so be aware of that and talk to the company you are planning to hire properly about the matter.

6) Be aware of the fraud brand connections 

Do you know whom people trust a lot? The brand or can say the reputed company. So nowadays what fraud companies do, they take advantage of the reputed and well-skilled companies and says that they are under the reputed firm and convince you to hire them. They promise you that they are under some top-level service providers. So this is one of the techniques of the fraud company to fool innocent customers.

This just not trapping the innocent people but also make fun of the well-being and the reputed firms and brands that most people prefer to. This just spoils the name of the well-reputed organization.

So you need to little bit smart in this case, and you should avoid this by calling the actual brand or companies and just cross-check whether they are trustworthy or not, instead of blindly trusting the fraud company and the verbal communication.

This step or can say the tip is helpful to spot the fraud movers and packers companies in India.

7) Never pay any amount extra 

Sometimes the companies ask for some extra payment like this is one type of trick which some companies do. They store up the deliveries until they get any other projects or orders and then they ask for some extra payment. Never pay extra amount for the services of the warehouses. Without your approval, no company can ask for the extra payment.

Make sure that your goods just get delivered at the right place and the right time as per the commitment by the packers and movers company. Check that the delivery van is full or empty and make sure to track up your goods details.

Be sure to have this discussion with the irrespective packers and movers company so that in advance it will avoid any hassles and difficulties.

8) Be sure to know your rights!  

Before hiring any packers and movers company make sure that how to spot the fraud ones and the right ones take all the copies of the documents and the responsibilities that packers and movers or the service providers you have hired. In case anything goes incorrect then you can easily claim the insurance. And you should know your rights because you should how to claim the insurance and all the conditions that the paper says and know-how to ensure the amount of the insurance. If anything goes wrong, you will be suffered nobody else will, so it’s your right that you should know how to manage it and know all the procedures to make it in the right way.

9) Go for the door to door service providers 

So it’s always better to be in little advance to avoid any hassle and get fun and stress-free relocation. So better to hire the movers and packers in advance knowing all the conditions and the facilities they are providing. Go for the door to door service providers. And most of the reputed and licensed packers and movers go for the door to door services. But sometimes the fraud movers and packers skip this point and at the time the thing that happens is very intolerable. They will load your stuff and unload it at the highway and will ask for such a big amount to deliver it at your doorstep. Or may ask you to get the local transport on the highway. Just imagine! This nobody will tolerate!

So before finalizing the movers and packers be sure to have a full conversation with the agencies. discuss everything in advance to avoid any hassle.

10) Do not depend upon the websites fully

Another thing that the fraud companies do is to attract customers with eye-catching websites. They fool the customers with the websites with great offers and having a tag of a reputed movers and packers company. So, guys, this is a trap! This is a trap of the movers and packers company to get you into the trap and at last, they will make fool of you. so be very careful!

Well, who doesn’t love a systematic and well-organized website? Everybody does. It is a good thing but if you find something extra which you feel is irrelevant then you should be aware of that website.

Some of the fraud companies also make duplicate websites of the branded and reputed companies so you need to be aware of that also. This is the trap to fool innocent customers. Be a smart one!

11) Never pay in Cash 

Well, this step is very helpful to get rid of the fraud movers and packers. Always use the digital method to do the payment like cheque, Paytm, account transfer or anything. In the company name do the digital payment, not in a cash. In cash payment, you don’t have solid evidence to prove that you have done any payment. so avoid doing payments in cash.

Most of the movers and packers companies deal in the cash transaction cause they are not up to date, so if any movers and packers companies force you to pay in cash, you must be aware of it and should not hire such agencies. And if the company asks you for a cheque then you should know that there is an active and real account as the bank checks all the details before opening an account.

12) Don’t be greedy for the attractive offers at the lowest price 

So this we can say is another trick to attract innocent customers by the fraud companies, so what they do, they give the cheap prices for the services, and attract the people and at last make them fool.

They do so as that you will hire them by watching the low prices.

So do not fall into this trap, be smart and don’t be greedy for the low prices.

You can watch that most of the reputed companies give you amazing offers at such an affordable price that the market price.

To be very honest according to the services that are worth it!

So better not to be greedy for the low prices offers as sometimes there are some hidden charges that packers and movers do, and later on the demand for high money while transiting of the goods.

13) Do not do the phone discussion 

Avoid the phone discussion before hiring them or taking the final decision because if you will make the final decision over the phone, they will be no chance of meeting the company or the people face to face. You need to fix the meeting face to face and then after talking and having the proper discussion take the final decision.

The reputed company surveys the house before giving you any commitments. It is better to have a pre-survey because the packers and movers team come to your home, see the belongings and then tell you the exact cost or price of the moving. This is the best way as it is accurate and reduces the problems of finance in the future and reduce the chances of any fraud cases.

14) Use the best platform! 

Well, this is another best tip to avoid any hassle and fraud movers and packers. Check out the great or can say the exclusive platforms and they provide you with a list of 2-3 companies who are well-licensed and reputed and can be trusted easily. And hiring among them is your choice.

So check all the parameters that suit your affordability and then take the decision. Moreover, they have friendly behavior with the customers as in case of any problem or misbehavior or companies the agencies can remove them from the company and they may not get the business later.

They are being properly verified and check all the documents before the platform hire them, so be sure that the movers and packers are trustworthy or not.

One more interesting thing about the great platforms is that they will not even charge you any extra penny, all the things or you need to pay to the movers and packers services.

15) Research the movers and packers company properly 

As recommendations by friends and family is a great option and to avoid the fraud cases but what if you don’t have any recommendation? Then you need to pay some time on the research of the best and reputed movers and packers to avoid any fraud cases. With the proper research and the adequate step, you can easily get the best movers and packers company are such at affordable prices.

So check carefully the reviews and feedbacks of the company before taking the final decision, sometimes reviews and feedbacks are also fake nowadays so read carefully everything.

The best thing is to select 3-4 companies and check everything about them then you can get a clear idea which company is better, and then you can compare them and make the final decision.