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Know how to pack before 4 weeks of moving!

4 week moving
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Well, if we talk about the relocation we know, how it is one of the toughest jobs. You have to do all the things alone while packing every stuff of every room, you have to take care of the materials, items and so on.

If you think that it can be done on a moving day or before a day of moving then let me clear your mind that it is not so. You have been well-prepared about everything before a month or else it would be very difficult for you to manage all the things at the time of the move.

You need to be well-prepared and get things sorted at the earliest because you know how much you have to do while moving and everything.

So here is a quick guide for you to know how to pack the things and arrange them before a month of the move. Trust me while following this thing it will make your relocation very easy and fun.

1) Start packing your items!

So the first thing that you have to pack before a month that is the items that are not used frequently or very rarely used by you. For example like pot, baby toys, some old showpiece, or things that you find that are not used regularly. And for the items that are constantly used by you that are furniture, toothbrush, bathroom items, tv and so on these are some of the items that are used regularly.

Do not forget to take pictures of the items that you have packed. It will help you during the time of unpacking and help you in so many ways. Moreover, it will help you to save some time and energy.

2) Do not forget to label the boxes that you have packed!

This point is very important, yes I agree it’s just a matter of label, but it is equally important as while in the time of unpacking you will get to know which box contains what and according to that you will open the boxes as per the need instead of opening every box. Mark each of the boxes with the content and the destined room so that at the unpacking you can save some of the time. For example, if the box contains the utensils mark it with the name utensils as it will help you to find out the way easily.

3) Keep an inventory sheet!

This will help you to make your task even easier. Like each of the packed boxes, make a list of its content and the room it has to be kept and then you can match and have a check with your moving company inventory checklist.

4) Measurement of the items!

The measurement of the items is a must thing. Make sure that each item that has been packed is easily come out of your old house to the new home so that at the time of the move, it creates a problem. Measure the tall and wide items that may cause the problem to come out of the old home. The tight spaces between the door and the items, so at the moving, it won’t surprise you with these troubles.

5) Update all the data!

Make sure to be updated as download all the necessary software that is required while moving, make sure to take the back up of your files and photos and transfer it to the pen drive or hard disk or any online storage device. Make this happen earlier as you never know when you will require them and cause of moving you may lose your data. So be prepared.

6) Book a pet sitter!

As if you have any pet dog or any animal and you need to take care of them properly, make sure to visit a veterinarian doctor and consult that if you can carry your pet during moving and is your pet okay for the journey. Or on a moving day, you can also appoint the pet sitter or take the facility who can take care of the pet for a moving day.

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7) Consult the company!

Consult with the company or the utility company to disconnect the connection after your move. And to install the new connections to your required new home location.

8) Find out the storage option!

find out the ways like the storage option in the community where you are shifting. If your new home is not ready then you can find out this option.

9) Empty the refrigerator!

The very important thing, I know lin hurry we do forget few things that may cause few problems at last so do this thing before only to avoid any trouble. Use up the frozen food before your move and then use up the next items.

10) Update the address!

Do not forget to change up your address as you need to visit your local post office or any office where it can be possible to change the address. Officially make it possible as it may not cause any problem in the future. Leave a message to your neighbor also of your new address in case of any trouble.

11) Important point!

Discuss with your banks, insurance company and the gas and electricity company, employer, friends, and family about your moving. Always inform your neighbor and friends in advance so in case of any problem they should know what the situation is and they can help you.

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So this blog will help you out in many more ways and help you to get better and fun moving.

Keep following this before a month of moving and see the difference in the day of moving. you will be relaxed without any problem and can feel chill on the day of moving.

You can check out more articles where you can find how to deal with a day of moving and 2 weeks before moving and so on. So follow this tip and if you have any other tips do share them.