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Know what to do 8 weeks before while moving!

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What to do 8 weeks before while moving?

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8 weeks before while moving

      Sort of the Rooms
      Donate the unwanted items
      Appoint the movers and packers
      Inform your kid’s school about your moving

Before 6 weeks of Moving!

      Book the hotel and cabs
      Purchase or order the packaging materials
      Consult the doctors
      Contact the insurance company agent

Well while moving there are a lot of tasks that should be done earlier and if you are thinking that packing and everything can be done in like 1 week or a 3-4 days before, then you are wrong here, it’s not that easy. You need to plan everything a month before then only you can make the moving a little stressful and fun.

Now I know there are a lot of questions that will be coming to your mind so this article will help you to figure out that how a month before packing can help you to make you’re moving a better and hassle-free moving. There is a quote that speaks about this that pre-planned things and is advance can help you out in so many ways.

So make your move a better move by following these amazing steps and guidance which may help you to find a better move. You can also try out this or can make your checklist or tips. But trust me if you will follow this nobody can make you’re moving a difficult and a hassle moving.

So here is a complete guide for you that will help you to plan your moving accordingly. This timetable of different weeks will help you out in a good way.

Before 8 weeks of moving

So you have to start everything before 8 weeks of your move so that you can find your relocation a better and safe move.

Sort of the Rooms – You need to check every room of your new home that each item that what you need to take with you to your new home and what to left. You need to make a checklist of the valuable items that you need to take and have to pack nicely so that at the time of loading your items can be safe.

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Donate the unwanted items – The items which are useless or not in use, or you haven’t used it for years and think in future it won’t be used, should donate the items to any needy or gift it to your neighbor or friends.

Appoint the movers and packers – Well, before appointing or hiring, you must search for the movers and packers company properly, be smart enough that any fraud movers and packers can’t able to fool you. Research properly and verify every detail such as the company license number, registration number, stamp of the central or state government. Allow them at your home to have a face to face conversation about the pricing, distance and the number of items. Avoid the phone discussion. Avoid and be aware of the fraud movers and packers in Chennai companies.

Inform your kid’s school about your moving – Inform the authorities of the school of your kid that you are moving for a particular reason and need all the documents such as transfer reason documents, character and whatever you need for their new school. Contact the new school for the further process and the transfer of the documents for the admission.

Before 6 weeks of Moving!

Book the hotel and cabs – You need to be smart enough and book the cabs and the hotels in advance because if you are planning to stay in the hotel until your new home gets ready! Because at the last moment the charges of the hotel will be too expensive and it will be a loss for you! So be advanced and book your hotels and cabs for no hassle during the move. If you are planning to travel through flights or trains, be sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid any extra charges and trouble.

Purchase or order the packaging materials – Be smart and order all the packaging materials in advance to avoid any hassle and stress. you can order the important items that you may think that can help in packing like Standard boxes sizes like hard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape, packing paper, the different sizes of the containers like for packing the sofa pieces, wardrobe and the dish pack boxes also. This will help you a lot while moving. Things done in advance is helps a lot.

Consult the doctors – Take the checkup from the doctor that you are pink of health and take the consultant of the doctor that you are fine and can travel without any problems. Take the medical copies also. Check up of all the family members are mandatory. Do not ignore because in case someone in your family is not well and traveling and in the middle of the moving if something happens then who will take the risk? And in the middle of the move, you can’t able to find the doctors also. So take care of little things because you never know, be advanced and do this activity before your moving so that you can enjoy your move.

Contact the insurance company agentYou need to check and change the address and everything and can contact the company about the changes in vehicle insurance, property or medical or dental, or personal insurance.

So basically this is the timetable of the 8 weeks and 6 weeks before moving. So if you can follow this amazing timetable trust me you will have a superb move and you will enjoy it. Instead of the stress and everything, you will love your move and there will be no burden of items and anything.

So now it’s upon you how you want your move to be? A stress-free or with a stress move.

So if you want to learn more about the move or guidance or moving tips you must go for another blog to check about a week before or a day of moving, where you can find so many useful and amazing tips of moving.