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All Possible Packing And Unpacking Tips

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As moving and shifting is not an easy task to accomplish so one should need a strategy to fulfil the task. One should need a plan for every activity included in the whole process like packing, hiring movers and packers, loading, unloading and unpacking. To complete the work of moving and shifting finely one have to follow proper guidelines, rules and regulation to avoid any kind of losses. Also to save time and energy one have to make a proper plan of action so that things should fall on right place without causing any damage.

Out of the processes mentioned above in moving and packing, packing and unpacking is most crucial step. Packing is done in very beginning of the process or in the starting of journey of relocation while this process ends with the unpacking of the stuffs. Unpacking is the last step of whole process but not an easy one to do. One have to handle the two above mentioned crucial steps (that is packing and unpacking) with extra care and support. Any misshapen will take place if person’s attention is distracted during the process. So senses like owl are very necessary since from the packing till unpacking is done.

List Of Problems Faced During Packing And Moving Along With Thier Solution

So let’s go through more detail about the two mentioned processes. One is packing, packing is the act of wrapping goods or putting them inside the boxes, suitcases, bags etc is termed as packing.

Now unpacking is reverse of packing or vice versa that means if packing is putting things inside then unpacking means putting things outside from packing material (like boxes, bags etc). So now i guess it’s been clear to all how the two processes are different from each other and the individual importance of the processes.

One of the huge benefit of hiring the movers and packers company is that they will assist you with packing and unpacking procedures. So it will be stress free for you. Hence it is advised to hire movers and packers rather than doing all the stuffs by yourself as doing things by oneself is very hectic and result in haphazard movement which further result in any accidents or misshapen.

So here given below some of the packing and unpacking tricks and tips:-

For packing:-

1.What should be packed 1st

  • Things which you don’t use regularly or too often can be put into the boxes as if you put regular use item first then you may need them after and you have to put it out from the box. So it’s better to put the item which is not used too frequently in the 1st.
  1. What should be packed last
  • It is advised to put the things which can be used up to last moment of packing and shifting in the last as if you put them in the first then you will face some inconvenience because you need them too often.
  1. Separate the good
  • Now separate the goods according to the category they fall in like put furniture aside, put all electrical appliances together, put all fragile items at one place, put all clothes, bed sheets and mattresses at one place so that it’s become easier for the movers and packers to carry them and pack the without any dilemma.
  1. How to pack heavy items
  • Out of various category of packing material used for packing generally foam rolls are used by movers and packers to pack heavy items as per the requirement. Foam rolls are further categorised as anti-static, perforated and non-perforated.
  1. How to pack fragile items
  • Generally thermocol sheets and boxes are used for packing of fragile items as they have enough shock absorbent capacity which will protect the fragile items from any damage.
  1. How to pack electronic items
  • Usually cushion wrapping technique is used for all electronic appliances which offer stress free movement and prevent any damage caused due to jerks, bumps and breakers during relocation.
  1. When to use plywood and wooden boxes
  • Plywood boxes are made for carrying heavy loads like wardrobes, racks, refrigerator, television etc. It can tolerate any harsh weather condition without any damage. The plywood boxes used are made up of best quality ISI marked plywood which is available in different shapes and sizes.

Wooden boxes are made up of quality wood. Wooden boxes are customized as per need during packing. It can be able to carry many things like kitchen utensils, crockery etc.

  1. How to pack delicate items
  • For delicate items air bubble pouches are used which absorbs any kind of stress caused during the journey and hence prevents from any further damage. It is used for smaller things like crockery, glass artifacts etc.

List Of Problems Faced During Packing And Moving Along With Thier Solution

For larger objects like mirrors, dressing tables, wardrobes. It prevents from the damage caused during the process of handling and transportation.

  1. How to double ensure items will not come out of the places assigned
  • A number of items are used for this purpose stretch wrap film, packing straps, plastic sutli and BOPP tapes. For sealing purpose stretch wrap tape is used to ensure that item will remain at its place.

Packing strap will help the workers to handle the goods effectively and efficiently.

Plastic sutli are of high quality and are used for tying  purpose.

BOPP tapes are also used for sealing purposes.

  1. Use colour boxes or label the boxes
  • To avoid any confusion later it is advised to use either colour boxes or label the boxes so that you should know which item is at which place. It is very convenient method.

*Defrost the fridge before packing.

*Pull out the cables of electronic items like television, telephone etc.

*Remove any naked wire from the place.

*Cover the mirrors either from the tapes or from the spare clothes.

*Cut the water and electricity supply before moving.

For unpacking:-

  1. When to unpack
  • Make a proper schedule for unpacking so that one’s whole attention is to the current activity. Having proper schedule for unpacking avoid any mistakes to be done while the operation of whole process. So make right routine to handle all these things perfectly.
  1. Do the things in the sequence
  • Do next thing after the completion of previous thing opted for like if you are loading the things into the carriage then done your packing first or if you are unpacking the things then done your unloading first don’t do the work haphazardly. Do the things in the sequence like packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Don’t panic during the whole process even if things are not going according to the plan. Keep calm.
  1. What should be unpacked first
  • Get the necessary items unpacked 1st as you need them frequently by anticipating future needs. So unpack your essentials first like tooth brush, food etc. If you don’t find your boxes filled with essentials then go for the boxes whatever you see which contain items which you need during couple of nights.

  1. What should be unpacked at last
  • Unpack those items in the last which do not falls on your essential list or you do not need them frequently. Like your work goes on if that boxes are left to be unpacked at last, it doesn’t affect you much.
  1. Avoid mistakes
  • Make sure that right box should go into the right place or room to get unpacking done easily and fluently. So it’s better to avoid mistakes to speed up the process and prevent any lag.
  1. Which room should be done 1st
  • Firstly get kitchen done after that get bedroom done and lastly get bathroom done. Get all the major or minor kitchen appliances at the place. If you have enough time then starts with lining the kitchen cupboards and selves, and if you lacks time then only put out items you need like pans, pots etc. Put out all the food and perishable items in the kitchen pantry to avoid any further spoilage of food.

After kitchen get bedroom room done as everyone after having a such a hectic day needs rest and sleep so it becomes important to get bedroom done after kitchen. One thing that should be kept in mind before unpacking for bedroom it that 1st decide the orientation of huge things like closet, wardrobe, furniture, dressing table etc as you don’t have to the move or displace the objects again if you decided the direction and placement of other objects at starting. This will save you energy and time both. As well as you can save your money if hire packers and movers in Hyderabad.

List Of Problems Faced During Packing And Moving Along With Thier Solution

Now get to the bathroom after completion of kitchen and bedroom. It is done at last as you don’t have to put extra energy and mind like you previously did in case of kitchen and bedroom as generally bathroom fixtures are already in functional state after moving in provided with active water supply. 1st put your towels, body care products, medications, curtains done in the sequence mentioned above

  1. Assemble and arrange the furniture
  • After you are done with your essentials then get rid heavy items like furniture. Now make a proper and effective plan to get all the furniture arranged accordingly in all the rooms. Before arranging them assemble them at one place so that you will keep reminded of which should go on which place.
  1. Have a cutting instrument with yourself
  • Handle the cutting instrument with extra care as it may result in injury if not handled with proper concern. Always use the cutting knife, blade or scissors for unsealing the boxes as doing it by hand may hurt you as well as your objects placed inside.