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Know the 17 questions to ask the packers and movers before hiring!

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Relocation is a difficult and stressful task. And of course for making their relocation easier people do hire the packers and movers to make their relocation easy and better. So better to appoint the best and the great professional packers and movers who can make your work easier and a better move and saves you the time and money.

Finding out the best movers and packers who are trusty and professional and match your budget is a challenging job but with a little bit of research and some patience, you can easily search for the best packers and movers and can get a better and a hassle-free relocation without any problems.

You can get the various companies of packers and movers across the country and make your relocation a better one.
So here are a few questions that you can follow and ask the movers and packers before finalizing them. So you must clear out the things and ask the movers and packers in Pune.

Q) Is the moving company verified and registered properly?
So the first question you need to ask from the packers and movers company is that are they properly verified or not. You need to check about the company background like the licensed, reputed and registered. So you must check out with the company and try to figure out the right things.

Q) From how many years the company is in the field of moving and packing?
So the next question is you should know about the company experience like how many years the company is in the business of the moving. So in this way, you will get an idea like how many years the company has the experience and how much they are good at managing the things perfectly.

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Suggest you move with a trusted and well-experienced packers and movers and go with them and also check the history and the track records of the company business, if in case they have any bad records and so on.

Q) Are the movers and packers company gives the insurance policy or are they insured?
So before getting to the next questions, you should know about the company’s policy. Like whether the company gives you the insurance policy or insured because at times if anything will happen in the middle of the moving latest it could be a cover-up. So while in transit the company will cover up the losses in case of any damages and the loss of the items.

Q) Ask the company of movers and packers if they have their tools and items and the vehicles to transit the items?
A good moving and packing company will always have their tools and the equipment and they will never use the third-party tools or items and they will do it all their own. So a professional and reputed packers and movers company will always have their trucks and the mode of transportation, the carriers. So that the company can assure the trust of the clients and make transportation a better one to travel from one place to another or intercity.

They have their equipment and the tools for the packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking.
For example, bubble wrap, packing tapes, boxes, hard boxes, carriers, transportation tools and so on.
Q) Do the movers and packers company also provide the storage facility or like warehousing?
So if you are hiring the good and the well-reputed company of the movers and packers they will also provide you a storage facility or warehousing facility. Like for example if you have very huge items and you don’t have any space to keep them then you can request the packers and movers for the storage facility for the time being.

Q) You should ask the movers and packers about the workers and staff members of the company?
So you should also ask this important question as it will help you to get knowledge about the staff members and you should know how well-trained the staff members of the company and are they friendly or not. Because behavior also matters a lot. Or else it will make the whole relocation a worse relocation.

Q) Ask them about the reviews and ratings about the clients and customers who had hired them earlier?
You should never avoid or hesitate to ask these questions also, as it will help you to get a clear idea about the movers and packers company. As it will help you to get the idea of the reviews and ratings what the previous clients had given the company and whether the services and the behavior provided by them is good enough or not. If the company is good enough they will happy to share the feedback of the previous customers.

Q) What is the payment method of your company?
So there you should always ask these questions to the movers and packers company, you should get an idea that every professional movers and packer are good at the norms or can say the payment method. You should always be aware of the fraud packers and movers, they will always make the money in a hand or cash. So you should always check the payment, bank details, because a verified bank account always checks the person before opening the bank account.

Q) What are we supposed to do if in case you miss the deadline to deliver our products at the doorstep?
So this point or question is very important because while shifting you need your items and everything for unpacking to your new home. So decide a deadline and ask this thing from the movers and packers that in case if they miss the deadline what’s the penalty or something.

Q) Do the packers and movers use new carton boxes and packaging materials?
So if you are spending like anything and want a proper packages material like a fresh one so you should check that whether the company provides you with a fresh package and materials or not or else while loading your merchandise will be in a safe condition.
Q) Always ask them a proper and permanent address of their office or warehouse?
So to be in a safe side you need to ask the questions like the permanent address and the warehouse and if possible do check it with your family members also so that if in case you will not able to connect to the service providers or movers and packers then you can at least go to the office and solve your issue. So to be on a safe side better to do this.

Q) Also ask the movers and packers for the contact details for any kind of communication?
Sometimes the communication gap also happens so in case any problem is there so you have to ask the contact details of the movers and packers. Now there are so many ways to contact like WhatsApp, email, phone calls and so on, But what if they don’t pick up the call. Before the deal they will show the interest, they will pick up the call and behave properly but once the advance is paid, you will not find the same interest. So, in that case, you need to take the alternate contact number.

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Q) Always ask for the written commitment?
As there is a proverb that says, paper and written things speak louder than words, so you should stick to this. Always ask the company about the written commitment, a reputed and professional packers and movers company will never say no to this written commitment, and if the company doesn’t agree with this you should be alert, or might they are hiding something to you. So put a paper and tell them to give you everything in a written.

Q) Ask them to show you an insurance proof?

So the packers and movers tell you that yes they do have the insurance proof. Sometimes the movers and packers store your goods in their warehouses and the storage area, and if in case there is a fire in their warehouse and anything happens so who will take the responsibility? What if they run away leaving your goods as it is. So it is your responsibility to take care of their proper insurance policy and tell them what that you need to see the proof of the insurance.

Q) Ask them about the insured and the trustworthy subcontractors?
So sometimes what happens you may not have full items to send just a few items like fridge, tv or anything else. So it will be difficult to send just a few items in their truck. And you can’t expect this also. So what they do they pack the stuff and send it with the help of another mover and packers who are going to that particular way. So all that you need to discuss with the team members of the packers and movers that their partners are trustworthy and insured or not. Take the papers and everything with them to avoid trouble in the future. Take the proper knowledge of the subcontractors that in case anything happens so will they provide the insurance or not.

Q) Ask the bank holder’s name to do the payment?
Always ask them about the payment method and do also ask this what type of payment do they prefer, because I agree, to transit the items they need some cash or money in advance but insist them that to pay the half amount in the day of packing or moving and rest at the doorstep delivery. Do not transfer the amount in the name of any individual name. If they insist you give the payment at the name of a particular person then there is something wrong. Because a licensed company always takes payment in the name of a company, not a personal name. And a personal suggestion does not pay them in a cash. So always try to pay the method digitally in the name of the firm or business or company name not a person of the company.

Q) Ask them about the company specialization if they have any?
So you can also ask these genuine questions about specialization services like car and bike transportation, warehouse and storage facility, shifting huge containers, good previous records and so on.

So I know these questions will help you if you get the right answers from the company but then if you have any other questions you can ask them in the comment section or an email. So to get a well-satisfied mover and packer it is better to ask a lot of questions, understand every term in a good way, and at last getting everything clear about the company, evaluate yourself with a final decision that you want to take to hire the movers and packers.

So apart from these questions you should also aware of certain things like –
1) Price – Before finalizing anything you should also make sure to ask the details of the final price of the moving. For example, the final price of the moving, sometimes the packers and movers hide some charges and at the last moment they add up the costs. So make sure to keep the final price and clear it out.

2) Services – You should also confirm the movers and packers company about the services they provide you! Like if they provide you the proper services like from packing to loading to moving to unloading and unpacking. Sometimes the movers and packers didn’t mention the facilities they don’t provide and at last they cut the services of unloading and unpacking and they take extra charge of these services.
3) Packaging materials – Confirm the movers and packers about the packaging materials they use to pack the materials like they use the premium quality of the packaging materials like the bubble wrap, hard cartoon boxes, proper tapes and so on.
So you need to check all these things also before a final decision taken by you.