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Moving Tips For Shifting During COVID-19

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Follow these DO’s and Don’t while moving during Covid-19

  • Avoid unnecessary movements
  • Do follow CDC guidelines
  • Buy all of your supplies in one go
  • Finish packing safely as earliest as possible
  • Pack your stuffs before the arrival of the movers as earliest you can.
  • Look for moving services which avoid or minimizes the human contact
  • Sanitize yourself too to avoid infection
  • Sanitize all your stuffs you want to carry
  • If you are sick don’t travel
  • Don’t move into or out from Hotspot area
  • Avoid any physical contact

As global crises are on high , our country too is going through the tough phase, so moving isn’t an easy task during this worst of time. The economic crises which our country is facing today haven’t witnessed  in any past years so far. The novel corona virus put a full stop to our daily routine .So its  time to cooperate with the government , follow guidelines , stay alert , stay tuned and stay safe. As work on vaccines are in the process, social distancing is prove to be Brahmastra to tackle the problem for now.

With keeping in mind the above points smart and responsible citizens of the country have to follow standard pandemic rules and regulation also apply them while you are travelling or relocating. So here is the list of some  dos and don’ts during COVID-19 pandemic.

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Dos of packing and moving during pandemic

  • Avoid unnecessary movements
  • Move only when its urgent , don’t put your life to the risk during the pandemic as virus is easily susceptible.
  • Do follow CDC guidelines
  • As per the center for disease control and prevention, you should be free from mindful of symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath.
  • Buy all of your supplies in one go
  • Prepare a proper list or checklists of items you need during the movement and go through it.
  • Finish packing safely as earliest as possible
  • Pack your stuffs before the arrival of the movers as earliest you can.
  • Look for moving services which avoid or minimizes the human contact
  • Yes the only silver lining found so far is social distancing which minimizes social contact as well as chances of getting infected.
  • Do use the storage units as back up
  • Use storage units if you are not sure when to move and where to move so that your belongings are kept in safe place.
  • Do choose the best packers and movers in Bangalore
  • Go choose the packers and movers who negotiates with you as well as follow the proper CDC guidelines.

  • Do clear all your query like dates, charges ,volume of goods etc
  • Sign the agreement electronically after clearing of your doubts regarding dates(when to move) , charges(cost it costs fir movement), volume of goods you are carrying.
  • Use quality material and new boxes for packing of goods
  • Do use quality materials for packing so that your belongings don’t get damaged while moving.
  • Sanitize yourself too to avoid infection
  • The only weapon we have now to fight with pandemic is to sanitize yourself before eating or after every 2 hours to be safe.
  • Sanitize all your stuffs you want to carry
Hands washing with sanitize solution
  • Likewise sanitize your stuffs too to prevent the spread of infection .
  • Use extra sanitization precaution during your move
  • Also carry extra sanitization measurements for any urgency situation.
  • Avoid any physical contact
  • According to the resources the pandemic virus has no traces of airborne spread, it only susceptible to physical contact. So its better to avoid any physical contact as more as you can.
  • Avoid entry into crowded area, where rate of infection is high
  • Don’t move into or out from Hotspot area where chances of getting infected are very high. So its better to stay .

  • Use container for shifting
  • One benefit using container over moving vehicles for loading and shifting is that it can be disinfected easily. Also easy to move and handle

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  • Use proper safety measures
  • Use proper safety measures like wearing of mask , sanitize yourself time to time so that you don’t get into the hands of the ongoing infection.

Don’ts during covid pandemic while packing and moving

  • Don’t make rush or hurry
  • Things will go out of hand if you make rush, so work calmly and patiently.
  • Don’t hire packers and movers randomly
  • Do proper query and inspection , and hire only if you are satisfied also the company must follow the proper safety measures and CDC guidelines.
  • Don’t use used, free or recycled material or boxes for packing of goods
  • To avoid infection use disinfected material for packing as this virus is very sensitive to touch and easy to spread.
  • Don’t move if you come on the age group of 60 or have some serious health issues related to respiratory system
  • Wait until health authorities declared pandemic is over. As most affected people from this pandemic are of the age group 60 and above so its better to stay where you are and don’t move until further announcement.
  • If you are sick don’t travel
  • Also if you are not well don’t travel its better to quarantine yourself for at least 14 days for the welfare of other people, for the welfare of the country


  1. Practice frequent hand washing. Washing hands with soap and water or use alcohol based hand rub. Wash hand even if visibly clean.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue while sneezing and coughing.
  3. Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after use.
  4. See a doctor if you feel unwell (fever, difficult breathing and cough). While visiting doctor wear a mask/cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
  5. If you have these signs/symptoms please call State helpline number or Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s 24X7 helpline .
  6. Avoid participating in large gatherings
  7. Don’t have a close contact with anyone, if you’re experiencing cough and fever.
  8. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
  9. Don’t spit in public.